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Inspirational Quotes for the WEEKEND

By Charles Leyman Kachitsa

African proverbs are crafted such that the meaning of the words should first be entangled in some cases, by going back to precedents before you can for certain point to their meaning. They have one uniqueness though, whether they are intended to portray a negative or positive character of a person, situation, things generally, they always carry that message using respectable words.

More interesting with African proverbs is that although most cultures of the continent and its people are construed as passive, non assertive, this is said without understanding the richness of assertiveness in words that make up their proverbs. You just have to attend a village court session in Africa to appreciate the richness of language.

One other unique attribute is the genderness and ageness that African proverbs carry. There are proverbs that by their nature can not be said in the presence of women by men. On the other hand, women can not freely say some proverbs in front of men and that constitutes the proverbs’ genderness. It makes sense as well that some proverbs are the providence of adults and cannot be said in front of children and this make African proverbs attribute of ageness or others would simply say age friendliness.

The quotes this week are extracted from the same book as last week. A book which puts human beings function of thought process as the centre of power, one that recognises that as people we have all been given that power, that’s if we choose to tap into and possess it. I am sure that the selected quotations below from this book will enlighten you to one or two life lessons, read and enjoy:

MIND INTO MATTER – A New Alchemy of Science and Spirit by Fred Alan Wolf Ph.D.

“Even so why do we choose to do the things we do? Does God have anything to do or say about the actions we take? It seems apparent that some, perhaps gentle, force is guiding our hands and minds. How does this force come into being? How can we discover it? Somehow, we need to understand not only the players in the game of life – molecules of life following complex but necessary patterns – but also the rules themselves running those patterns. How do these rules arise?”

“……..As we evolved along the long line of time, dating back three million years or so to our earliest ancestors, why didn’t we develop the ability to run faster or to fly as birds, as hares and eagles do? Surely these characteristics would have assisted us even more than mutual cooperation. But we don’t have these characteristics. True, we might desire them and turn that desire into machines that artificially give us great speed and the ability to lift ourselves off the ground – which, of course, we have done. But our desire, so far, has not provided us with these physical characteristics. If natural selection was at work during our long history of evolution why wasn’t the possibility of wings on our backs or long rapidly moving legs encouraged? Why didn’t the ‘blind watchmaker’ chose these characteristics for humans?”

“…… Thus, particular heads of industrial states of a society, reading Darwin, create the industrial environment as ‘proof’ that the theories are correct. These heads then adopt the Darwinian theories of science ad make them popular with people ready to except the theories and advocate them, further fueling these machines of society. This circuit becomes dominant and stable wherein what we think is supported by the environment we live in, which in turn limits and directs our thinking, thus enabling species survival. ———- We see an example of this everyday, Companies believe that to survive they must improve their products. Within months of its introduction to the buying public, nearly any product we see on the store shelf will now bear the words ‘new and improved’ on its label. Changing a commercial product for the better is considered a necessity for business survival, a notion that fits with Darwinian improvement of a species through natural selection. Just as you or I select the ‘better’ product off the shelves thus insuring its continued production. Nature selects which species shall go the way of the dinosaur and which shall go the way of the housefly.”

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