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Inspirational Quotes for the WEEKEND

By Charles Leyman Kachitsa

The use of space so called proxemics when talking about its use in communication, is a vast array. The use of space has cultural connotations for its practice as different societies interpret space differently.

It would be interesting to study the effects that social distancing brought in by the current Corona Virus pandemic may have caused on traditional ways in use of space for its corroborative meaning, especially for communication, more specifically where two or more people are interacting (talking to each other).

Traditionally use of space on people interacting with each other has had a wide area of interpretations for instance on denoting people’s social status (class), or relationship (intimacy and or diplomacy) as well as temperament whether one is angry, happy or fearful. Also showing aggression as in advancement to attack or a show of withdraw in surrender.

In most cultural settings, the use of space is never a taught thing of life, people grow up learning as they observe the use of it from others around them pointedly older members. The subject falls on the other side of the practice of symbolism which modern generations mistake for exaggerated adoration yet it is one of the most important aspects of life from since man found himself on earth. Humans like their space and symbols.

The quotations this week come from a book I have just finished reading which is about what our minds are capable of doing. It talks about human creative delegated powers which most do not realise they have. I am sure that the selected quotes below from the book will enlighten you to one or two life lessons, read and enjoy:

MIND INTO MATTER – A New Alchemy of Science and Spirit by Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D.

“…….. Within your own mind and body lies a majestic story filled with drama, pathos, humor, intelligence, fantasy, and fact. It is no less than the story of the entire universe, particularly its own creation, transformation, and ultimate purpose. And while most stories require a separated listener and a storyteller, in your story the listener and the storyteller are one. Here you will see that the way in which you go about telling a story to yourself – a story that includes you – actually points out that without you there wouldn’t be a universe! And we shall see how this story called YOU unfolds into a panorama of life, literally a you-niverse — our ultimate goal being to understand the sacred transmutation of mind into matter.”

But like the ocean washing ashore, the tide eventually wanes. The water returns to the sea. The shore asserts itself. Eventually all distinctions disappear. No boundary lasts forever. Nothing lasts. Everything returns to the great ocean of oneness. Life, death, and all patterns move vibrationally. You can think of this as the impossible life/ death principle. ———— Even space and time — the arena in which we spend our lives – are not real but projections coming from something far deeper and mysterious. Even this arena will disappear.”

“He explained that when we allow words to hold power over us, when we attach negative or fearful emotional significance to words, we suffer. Thus, by not letting words invoke images, the words lose their power and become meaningless sounds. ——– Well, that may be easy to say, but as we all know, words can and do leave their marks on us. In her book Refiguring Life, Evelyn Fox Keller points out that ‘the notion that words are one thing, acts another, was radically undermined when linguist J.L. Austin laid out his theory of ‘speech-act’ in a series of lectures at Harvard University entitled How to Do Things with Words.’ Austin showed that words are not always descriptive but are often action provoking. Examples include marriage vows, declaration of war, or the classic Jimmy Cagney line, ‘Take that, you dirty rat.’ Keller goes so far as to state that all language is action provoking and this includes scientific language as well.”

“So, we might say the reason that there is a problem between science and mysticism is that the mystics are looking at creation from the viewpoint of awe and wonder and want to see everything as creation and nothing as transformation. The mystics might say that the laws of transformation are themselves merely illusions we create in our minds because we human beings want to have some control over our lives. We want to make sure that nothing gets created from anything. If something did, then the reverse is just as bound to occur. What got created could get un-created, it could be destroyed, vanish into nothing once again. And who wants that?”

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