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Inspirational Quotes for the WEEKEND

By Charles Leyman Kachitsa

We can learn a lot from children. And this is not to say only those children who have started producing words, or talking. No, we can learn from children starting the very instance they are born.

Children can teach us forgiveness, the attitude of moving progressively forward, creativity, taking action, honesty, assertiveness, politics, being happy in the moment, playing or as well as praying and most importantly loving; true love.

A child learns from the very first time it is brought in this world how to navigate in its complexity. If you want to learn true politics, governance, you need to observe children how they propel themselves in difficulty terrains, how they make negotiations without injuring others. Communication which is one of the very nerve of life is something that we all are born with and start exercising from birth. We can learn a lot if we will!

In the final set of extracts from the book, this week’s quotes should finalise and confirm the fact that we can all be successful. I am sure these selected quotations from a book that when read in full will give you tips on living a positive life, should give you insight to one or two lessons. Read and enjoy:

THE PSYCHOLOGY OF WINNING – Ten Qualities of a Total Winner by Denis Waitley

“…You may have desire. You may feel you are in control. You may expect to go to the moon. But you will never even get near the launching pad without persistent self-discipline. Most people forget the simple routine for learning a skill or habit: Desire, Information, Assimilation, and Repetition. We learn how to walk, drive, type, fly, speak a foreign language, ski, act in a play, etc. Why is it so difficult for us to apply learning to our most important life goals? Everything is habit-forming if it is repeated! Self-discipline alone can make or break a habit. Self-discipline alone can effect a permanent change in your self-image and in you. Self-discipline is the winning edge that achieves goals. Self-discipline is mental practice -the commitment to memory of those thoughts and emotions will override current information stored in the subconscious memory bank.”

“Marriage is not looking at each other, but looking in the same direction together’ And this is just as applicable to other aspects of life as it is to marriage. ‘It’s not looking at each other, but looking in the same direction together.”

“Our success in getting along with others and communicating effectively with them depends upon this same principle. It depends solely upon our ability to help other people solve their problem.”

“Remember that you are becoming what you are thinking about every waking moment – so it is important to motivate yourself and others close to you by focusing on desire instead of fear. While the stresses of fear cause anxiety, neuroses, ulcers, and disease, the stresses of desire provide energy, propulsion, creativity, and magnetic pull.”

“Since all losing habits such as self-criticism, smoking, excessive drinking, overeating, laziness, anxiety, depression, sloppiness, dishonesty, cruelty, and insensitivity are learned and developed into character traits through relentless practice – so are winning habits learned and retained. —— The winners in life begin by fantasizing their own ‘script,’ as if their lives were a magnificent, epic motion picture for which they have been chosen as writer, producer, director, and star.”

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