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Inspirational Quotes for the WEEKEND

By Charles Leyman Kachitsa

Being reminded about childhood by someone who says you lived together in the same area though you cannot remember the person as a youth has two sides to it. Apparently it depends on the person saying it, how they have said it, under what circumstances and where? One could add when, as to the time of the day.

Reminded of your childhood, if you are sensible you quickly take stock of your current life status. Giving yourself marks on how you feel things have panned out. You smile if you believe you have done well from where perhaps your entire family was in your youth. I don’t know what you feel though where there seems to be no progress.

Life no matter what is supposed to be progressive. Some believe progress is in material things like money, this is wrong. If you feel you have matured, you have more knowledge of the world than you would necessarily have, taking into account your background, that is progress. Of course each person desires to have wealth and or be great, but success and progress is a more personal measure. So let no one measure your progress for you.

The quotes for this week are a continuation of an insight into a book which upon reading it, you realise has some tips for personal progress. I am sure that the selected quotations below from this book will teach you one or two lessons, read and enjoy:

THE PSYCHOLOGY OF WINNING – Ten Qualities of a Total Winner by Denis Witley

“The best way to remain optimistic is to associate with Winners and optimists. You can be realistic and optimistic at the same time by realistically examining the facts in a situation while remaining optimistic about your ability to contribute to a solution or a constructive alternative.”

“Winners are especially aware of the tremendous importance of their self-image -and of the role their imagination can play in the creation and up-grading of the self-image. They know the self-image acts as a subconscious life governing device – that if in your self-image you can’t possibly see yourself doing something, achieving something, you literally cannot do it! They also know the self-image can be changed since the subconscious is incapable of differentiating between a real success and a success imagined again and again vividly and in full detail. A Winner’s self-talk is ‘I see myself changing, growing, achieving, winning!’ Losers say, ‘They’re my hangups, faults and stupidities …… and I’m stuck with ’em. “

“Winners in life -those one in one hundred people -are set apart from the rest of humanity by one of their most important development traits -positive self-direction. They have a game plan for life. ——– Every winner I have ever met knows where he or she is going day by day ……… every day. —— Winners are goal and role oriented. They set and get what they want -consistently. —– They are self directed on the road to fulfilment. —— Fulfilment or success has been defined as the progressive realization of goals that are worthy of the individual.”

“In death camps, inmates told Frankl that they no longer expected anything from life. He would point out to them that they had it backward. ‘Life was expecting something of them. Life asks of every individual a contribution, and it is up to that individual to discover what it should be.”

“We all have the potential and the opportunity for success in our lives. It takes just as much energy and effort for a bad life as it does for a good life. —— ……..Losers are people who have never made the decision that could set them free. They have not decided what to do with their lives, even in our free society. ——– They go to work to see what happens and you know what happens – they spend all their time making someone else’s goals come true.”

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