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Inspirational Quotes for the WEEKEND

By Charles Leyman Kachitsa

What is the difference between a smile and laughter? One would say it is in the magnitude of an expressed happiness yet the same of both has been seen done by people in sad moments. One of my children said yesterday when asked the question, that the difference is in the volume of sound. He said a smile is usually silent while laughter is loud.

Some have laughed or smiled when they encountered a challenge, perhaps as a defiant expression of victory even before the fight has started. Sure enough in most cases such form of self-motivation has ended in happiness after the triumph. We can only exert force on things outside us, if we build up well the power inside, take a tyre air pump for instance that’s how it works.

When does a smile graduate into a laughter? Is it even possible? Might be when someone is trying to suppress the laughter in the first place in such times they are being mean as they poke fun at someone’s conduct or mishap. You could still have well intentioned smile graduate into a laughter especially those times when during the first few minutes after just after meeting there was tension which has now been loosened. I know you are smiling as you read this, can you try to progress the smile to laughter? I just did!

This week’s quotations, we are still on the winning side as we extract them from a book that when read in full will give you tips on success. The only one to define success is yourself as we are successful according to our own measure. I am sure that these quotes below will give you an insight on one or two life lessons. Read and enjoy:

THE PSYCHOLOGY OF WINNING – Ten Qualities of a Total Winner

“Almost without exception, the real Winner, whether we speak of sports, business, or any other activity of life, has accepted his own uniqueness, feels comfortable with his image, and is willing that others know and accept him just as he is. And, it is an interesting fact that such a person naturally attracts friends and supporters. He or she seldom has to stand alone.”

“….. Children do begin to take control of their lives at an early age. Many children learn how to control their parents’ lives as well, long before they know how to talk in complete sentences. ——- Whining receives attention. Crying receives consolation. Begging begets goodies. Tantrums create havoc. it is easy to incite Mommy against Daddy and sit back and watch the show. Just like on TV!”

“My own experience has taught me this. If you wait for the perfect moment when all is safe and assured, it may never arrive. Mountains will not be climbed, races won nor happiness achieved!”

“Disregarding all material rewards for high achievement, there is a pure personal pleasure which comes with achieving the difficult. The emotional spin-off that accompanies performance of the unusual or challenging personal test can range from a quiet flow of self-esteem to outright exhilaration, and is reason enough for the pursuit of excellence.”

Winners are aware of their potential. They like who they are. Since they have a deep feeling of their own worth, they are eager to love others as they do themselves. Positive self-esteem ……… one of the most important qualities of a Winner. Talk yourself up! ………. There is no time to Lose.”

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