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Inspirational Quotes for the WEEKEND

By Charles Leyman Kachitsa

Why do people who are in jobs involving thinking often get a lot of money? This has been a question a lot of people have grumbled about yet if we look at nature and creation itself everything that is in the world, is there as a result of thinking. People who are always wanting others to think for them, usually get raw deals.

Thought is the begin of everything including as it were, creation of human beings or as we normally say creation of man. God, the almighty had a ‘thought’ to have man, who is / was created in His image to afterwards act like Him. The beginning was the ‘thought’ and in most books about spirituality they propagate this as the knowledge that uplifts men to higher echelons.

Thought is therefore an important part in our daily lives as it determines the actions that we take and the results. Those who are in better positions are not there by accident but were uplifted there because of thought which by the way sometimes is done by other people connected to them. It makes sense without dispute, to guide our thoughts. This can be done by controlling the inputs to our thoughts as good inputs produce good outputs, bad inputs will produce bad outputs in terms of our thinking. The world will perhaps be a better place if all our thoughts were positive thoughts.

This week’s quotes are from a book that when read gives the readers tips on how to be a winner. Human beings by their nature always desire to win, I am sure that the selected quotations from this book below will enlighten you to one or two life lessons about positive living, read and enjoy:

THE PSYCHOLOGY OF WINNING: Ten Qualities of a Total Winner by Denis Waitley

“Winners are eager to learn – especially about their own potential contribution to the quality of life. They are keenly aware of the abundance available to them, ——– Positive self-awareness is self honesty. Winners are honest about their potential and honest about the time and effort necessary for top achievement.”

“Some people still think life is a practice game with the ‘big play’ or Superbowl coming up at the end of the season. Only after years have slipped away do they realize that they were inextricably involved in the ‘big game’ every day of their lives.”

“….Rather than hearing what you want to hear, listen for the facts of the matter. And remember, everything you think is your opinion, based upon your impressions from limited sources. Keep expanding your sources from the best authorities. View everything with a certain open-minded skepticism … enough to explore it without prejudice ……and skeptical enough to research and test its validity.”

“…. Float freely. Give yourself at least one beautiful half-hour out of every twenty-four to be completely aware that your life belongs to you and that all that exists in your life is seen out of your eyes and experienced by your mind and body.”

“Be aware of the children and the elderly. Remember that childhood is that wonderful, special classroom in which the adult is developed. Listen to their dreams. Observe their special talents. Ask for their opinions and reactions. Also, remember that becoming elderly is inevitable. It can be a lonely or glorious time. With activities, goals, horizons, and attention, being a senior citizen can be as exciting as being a senior in high school. It’s a question of positive Self-awareness.”

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