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Inspirational Quotes for the WEEKEND

By Charles Leyman Kachitsa

Last article on this column, we saw some ways on which men and women perhaps say boys and or girls are recognised to have matured and therefore attain a status only reserved for one now regarded as a ‘person.’ Not every culture process this in the same way, so here I speak of cultures that are familiar to me. This is all based on community and or family settings and not workplaces.

There are exceptions as to how people attain maturity and this comes by way of inherited wealth or having broken through in business or some other venture thereby acquiring riches beyond ones age. Whether it be a boy or girl of less age than 15 (fifteen) years, this is the fastest route of gaining a ‘person status.’ This includes inheritance in some cases of chieftaincy or other such things that bring power and authority.

A friend shared one of the interesting experiences of especially a young person that matures earlier than their age as a result of having money in the family, or community beyond or more than any other person in there. She said it becomes almost a practice one can not compromise that despite that in a meeting there are older people they will almost all agree to suspend making a decision until their boy arrives, what ever day or whenever they would come. Money speaks as some would say, you become a ‘person’ quicker acquiring wealth or being rich.

The quotes this week come from the book that takes personal well-being to the levels most people have not heard of. Most natural laws are there to be seen and followed only that we do not often want to. That’s perhaps what this book is pointing out when read in full. However, the selected quotations from this book below should enlighten you to some of the better ways of living, read and enjoy:


“Form a conception of perfect health for yourself, and do not hold any thought which is not a thought of health. —— NEVER eat until you have an EARNED HUNGER. Remember that it will not hurt you in the least to go hungry for a short time; but it will surely hurt you to eat when you are not hungry. ——- Do not give the least thought to what you should or should not eat; simply eat what is set before you, selecting that which pleases your taste most. In other words, eat what you want. This you can do with perfect results if you eat in the right way……”

“If your mind and attitude are on other things, or if you are anxious or worried about business or domestic affairs, you will find it almost impossible to eat without bolting more or less of your food. You must learn to live so scientifically that you will have no business or domestic cares to worry about; this you can do, and you can also learn to give your undivided attention to the act of eating while at the table.”

“If no one would consent to work in bad air, employers would speedily see to it that all work rooms were properly ventilated. The worst air is that from which oxygen has been exhausted by breathing; as that of churches and theatres where crowds of people congregate, and the outlet and supply of air are poor. Next to this is air containing other gases other than oxygen and hydrogen – sewer gas, and the effluvium from decaying things. Air that is heavily charged with dust or particles of organic matter may be endured better than any of these. Small particles of organic matter other than food are generally thrown off from the lungs; but gases go into the blood.”

“It is well to sleep intelligently, purposefully, knowing what you do it for. Lie down thinking that sleep is an infallible vitaliser, and go to sleep with a confident faith that your strength is to be renewed; that you will awake full of vitality and health. Put purpose into your sleep as you do into your eating; give the matter your attention for a few minutes, as you go to rest. Do not seek your couch with a discouraged or depressed feeling; go there joyously, to be made whole. Do not forget the exercise of gratitude in going to sleep; before you close your eyes, give thanks to God for having shown you the way to perfect health, and go to sleep with this grateful thought uppermost in your mind.”

“Guard your speech; make every word harmonise with the conception of perfect health. Never complain; never say things like these: ‘I did not sleep well last night;’ ‘I have a pain in my side;’ ‘I do not feel at all well to-day,’ and so on. Say ‘I am looking forward to a good night’s sleep to-night;’ I can see that I progress rapidly,’ and things of similar meaning.”

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