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Inspirational Quotes for the WEEKEND

By Charles Leyman Kachitsa

That you would call a dog people’s name sometimes caused provocations in olden days, current stand is uncertain. For example take this family and to be specific man of the family, who called his dog after his neighbours wife, such was a very provocative thing to do.

As history will remind us wars have started between nations with thousands of deaths because of a small issue which in the first place could have been sorted out through dialogue. However, I do not know how one can set a dialogue with a neighbour who has decided to name their dog after your wife. Perhaps things could be different if they had asked for permission from you first before doing this provocative, erroneous, unwarranted conduct of holding a ceremony to name a dog after your wife unbeknown to her.

A senior man out for a walk in his residential neighborhood with his dog, a golden retriever.

Most names are said to be derived from ancestors, here in naming a dog after someone, a neighbour’s wife in this case, one can not tell whether such conduct is in respect to any if at all ancestors. In any case humans have ancestors, dogs have no ancestors; one can conclude without requiring any proof. So how do we start to solve this matter?

The quotes this week are from a book that if those who have not heard about it and in finally knowing its content, will agree that it is a must read for everyone as long as you are alive. I am sure that the selected quotations below from this book will open your mind to one or two ideas that will go deep into your knowledge, read and enjoy


“The power that Heals is in the patient himself, and whether it shall become active or not does not depend upon the physical or mental means used, but upon the way the patient thinks about these means. There is a Universal Principal of Life, as Jesus taught; a great spiritual Healing Power; and there is a Principle of Health in man which is related to this Healing Power. This is dormant or active, according to the way a man thinks. He can always quicken it into activity by thinking in a Certain Way.”

“… For countless ages men have held thoughts of disease, abnormality, old age, and death; and the perverted functioning resulting from these thoughts has become a part of the inheritance of the race. Our ancestors have, for many generations, held imperfect ideas concerning human form and functioning; and we begin life with racial subconscious impressions of imperfection and disease.”

“Life cannot live without increasing, and the fundamental impulse of life is to live. It is in response to this fundamental impulse that Original Substance works, and creates, God must live; and he cannot live except as he creates and increases. In multiplying forms, He is moving on to live more. ——–The universe is a Great Advancing Life, and the purpose of nature is the advancement of life toward perfection; toward perfect functioning. The purpose of nature is perfect health.”

“The human body is the abiding place of an energy which renews it when worn; which eliminates waste or poisonous matter, and which repairs the body when broken or injured. This energy we call life. Life is not generated or produced within the body; it produces the body. —- The seed which has been kept in the storehouse for years will grow when planted in the soil; it will produce a plant. But the life in the plant is not generated by its growing; it is the life which makes the plant grow. “

“That which lives in is seeking more life. —– Give a little child a pencil and paper, and he begins to draw crude figures; That which lives in him is trying to express itself in art. Give him a st of blocks and he will try to build something ; That which lives in him is seeking expression in architecture. Seat him at a piano, and he will try to draw harmony from the the keys; That which lives in him is trying to express itself in music. That which lives in man is always seeking to live more; and since man lives most when he is well, the Principle of Nature in him can seek only health. The natural state of man is a state of perfect health; and everything in him, and in nature, tends toward health.”

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