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Inspirational Quotes for the WEEKEND

By Charles Leyman Kachitsa

It is inconceivable that some time ago as late as the last years of the 1800s thus before more advances in scientific research, bad smell was seen as the cause of most diseases. The advent of such diseases as Cholera was attributed to have been caused by bad smell. Such was the case for example during most of the earlier period of the disease, Cholera that killed tens of thousands of people in Britain until some researcher connected it as a waterborne disease.

Bad smell has for centuries been blamed for a lot of other various unpleasant things. For instance marriages and relationships have ended because of it. Yet bad smell often accompany positive social development such as development of areas that were remote into cities. The various stench of waste arising as more people start to habitably concentrate in one area becomes the source of unmanageable elements that become hard to manage causing decay and rot in no time which as a result might produce bad smell. Some have said, if you wanted to experience bad smell, major cities perhaps for most until recently, are the places to go to.

Interestingly in the current situation that the world finds itself in, living with the Covid-19 Pandemic, being able to smell whether bad or good is one of the indicators of being well or health (not having the virus). It is said if you cannot smell anything, it could be that perhaps you have been infected by the disease. Recently the World Health Organisation (WHO), added the lack of smelling sense as one of the symptoms of being infected by the Corona Virus, if so you are advised to go for a test. All what we are saying is; as one of the tests look for and visit where there is bad smell, if you can experience and withstand the smell then perhaps you are well. As a warning though do not ignore the other symptoms as naturally people are different and some by nature have weak or totally no smelling senses.

This week in our extraction exercise of useful quotes, we take them from a book that when read in full has potential to awaken your spirit to the vast possibilities around you. I am sure that these selected quotations should make you aware of one or two life lessons to that effect, read and enjoy:


“There are two mental attitudes a man may take. One makes him like a football. It has resilience and reacts strongly when force is applied to it, but it originates nothing; it never acts of itself. There is no power within it. Men of this type are controlled by circumstances and environment; their destinies are decided by things external to themselves. The principle of Power within them is never really active at all. They never speak or act from within.”

“DO NOT LET OTHER PEOPLE DECIDE WHAT YOU ARE TO BE. —– BE WHAT YOU FEEL THAT YOU WANT TO BE. ——— Do not be misled by a false notion of obligation or duty. You can owe no possible obligation or duty to others that should prevent you from making the most of yourself. Be true to yourself, and you cannot then be false to any man. When you have fully decided what thing you want to be, form the highest conception of that thing that you are capable of imagining, and make that conception a thought-form. Hold that thought-form as a fact, as the real truth about yourself, and believe in it.”

“Having recognised God as the advancing presence in nature, society, and your fellow men, and harmonised yourself with all these, and having consecrated yourself to that within you which impels toward the greatest and the highest, the next step is to become aware of and recognise fully the fact that the Principle of Power within you is God Himself. You must consciously identify yourself with the Highest. This is not some false or untrue position to be assumed; it is a fact to be recognised. You are already one with God; you want to become consciously aware of it.”

“Do not try to do great things until you are ready to go about them in a great way. If you undertake to deal with great matters in a small way, that is from a low viewpoint or with incomplete consecration and wavering faith and courage you will fail. Do not be in a hurry to get to the great things. Doing great things will not make you great, but becoming great will certainly lead you to the doing of great things. Begin to be great where you are and in the things you do every day. Do not be in haste to be found out or recognised as a great personality. Do not be disappointed if men do not nominate you for office within a month after you begin to practice what you read …… Great people never seek recognition or applause; they are not great because they want to be paid for being so. Greatness is reward enough for itself; the joy of being something and of knowing that you are advancing is the greatest of all joys possible to man.”

“……your thought-form will be mostly shaped according to your viewpoint of the cosmos. If you see the world as a lost and ruined thing you will see yourself as a part of it, and as partaking of its sins and weaknesses. If your outlook of the world as a whole is hopeless, your outlook for yourself cannot be hopeful. If you see the world as declining toward its end, you cannot see yourself as advancing. Unless you think well of all the works of God you cannot really think well of yourself, and unless you think well of yourself you can never become great.”

“The view of evolution that we have taken shows God seeking expression through man. Through all the successive ages in which his spirit has urged man up the height, God has gone on seeking expression. Every generation of men is more Godlike than the preceding generation. Every generation of men demands more in the way of fine homes, pleasant surroundings, congenial work, rest, travel, and opportunity for study than the preceding generation.”

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