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Inspirational Quotes for the WEEKEND

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By Charles Leyman Kachitsa

Recent events in the world are a pivotal moment in time for deeper reflection by us as people. For a start the very definition of what a human being is could be the starting point and one could go as far as then looking back at how people have behaved on a group level and going done to individual level.

The very shell of what we call a human body is under investigation and when that shell is removed what remains of it. Spirituality studies have always told us that there is something beyond the human body, something that lives deeper within perhaps and it is that thing which when identified has no race, no colour, knows no discrimination. While the reaction of the outer body is usually visible, the inner part is not obviously seen.

So who are we? Is it the inner self or the outer self or both? A very deep question and again spirituality stud and more specifically religious education teaches us to be more caring of the inner self. It points to the inner self as the eternal being and that while the outer can easily perish, the inner will not. Therefore the choice is now more clearer than ever before as all humanity has to deal with that one question and the quest for preservation of life. After all it will be seen that everyone is on the same page of making sure they are caring for the inner being.

The quotes this week comes from a book that the its covers says that fragments of a Great Secret have been found in the oral traditions, in literature, in religions and philosophies throughout the centuries and that for the first time, all the pieces of The Secret come together in an incredible revelation that will be life-transforming for all who experience it. I am sure the next three weeks starting now that we will be looking at quotations from this book you would have got that secret if not learnt one or two things that could make you want to buy a copy of the book and read for yourself. Let’s be together, read and enjoy the selected quotes from the book below:

THE SECRET by Rhonda Byrne

“You may have experienced attracting like thoughts when you listened to a song, and then found that you couldn’t get that song out of your head. The song just kept playing over and over in your mind. When you listened to that song, even though you may not have realised it, you gave your full attention and focus of thought to it. As you did that, you were powerfully attracting more like thoughts of that song, and so the law of attraction moved into action and delivered more thoughts of that song, over and over again.”

“As you think of yourself living in abundance, you are powerfully and consciously determining your life through the law of attraction. It’s that easy, But then the most obvious question becomes, ‘Why isn’t everybody living the life of their dreams?’ (Attract the Good Instead of the Bad – John Assaraf) …….’Here’s the problem. Most people are thinking about what they don’t want, and they’re wondering why it shows up over and over again.’ ……. The only reason why people do not have what they want is because they are thinking more about what they don’t want than what they do want. Listen to your thoughts, and listen to the words you are saying. The law is absolute and there are no mistakes.”

“If you think about the analogy of being the most powerful transmission tower in the Universe, you will see the perfect correlation with Dr. Wolf’s words. You mind thinks thoughts and the pictures are broadcast back as your life experience. You not only create your life with your thoughts, but your thoughts add powerfully to the creation of the world. If you thought that you were insignificant and had no power in this world, think again. Your mind is actually shaping the world around you.”

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