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Inspirational Quotes for the WEEKEND

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By Charles Leyman Kachitsa

Seasons come and they go. Some may take longer but there is certainty in that they will go. It appears though that as the years go on, the seasons change and keep pushing forward.

One of the things about seasons is that although there is certainty in knowing or instance that we will have winter. The winter in one year differs from that of a comparative year. To the best of my knowledge no seasons though same can be exactly similar in all aspects.

You have some rainy seasons when there is uncontrollable outpouring from heaven. Yet you have other years when you have little showers. All this this may be hard for humans to comprehend and only attest to a super power above all else, the creator; God. We cannot understand all.

This week’s quotations we finalise to get wisdom from a book so rich from one of the wisest men to have lived on earth as depicted in the Bible and attested through the wise counsel in the book of Proverbs. I am sure these quotes upon reflection will let you visit those areas in life that could do with some lighting. Read and enjoy:

WISDOM – Life Lessons from THE WORLD’S WISEST (AND RICHEST) MAN by Terry Allen

“We develop attraction for things and people that meet a very personal need in our lives. It may be a desire or need to enjoy or possess beauty, or a need for validation, approval or esteem. And when those needs are met by the attention or affection of others, it is very significant, and it has a powerful effect upon us. Those people that we allow to meet those needs (or those that we think are meeting those needs) fill a special place in our ‘hearts’ and the bonds that ensue are quite powerful. A woman’s admiring look can, in an instant, affirm a man’s feelings of masculinity. A man’s tender word and gentle manner, or a glance and a tender expression can stir a woman’s inner need for security, or make her feel that yes, she is indeed lovely.”

“So as with everything else he did. Solomon took it to the limit. Many of his marriages were motivated by political and military alliances. You can imagine that foreign kings were often reluctant to conquer their neighbours if their grandkids were going to be among the victims. What at the time may have been considered brilliant political and military strategy, however, became Solomon’s Achilles heel, because many of his foreign wives brought with them foreign religious practices, including idols and idol worship. ———– The fact that he, as the wisest of the wise, fell victim to this danger is evidence of the challenges that face all of us in guarding our affections. It is evidence of just how difficult it is to apply everyday. How does one guard his or her affections? Proverbs 4: 25 provides a tip: ‘Let your eyes look directly forward, and your gaze be straight before you.”

“This is the principle conveyed in Proverbs regarding walking in close, constant companionship with fools. If you immerse yourself in the company of fools, you won’t escape that environment without suffering effects. And, there will be effects. If you walk in constant companionship with a fool, it will have a negative impact upon your life. That’s why Proverbs 14: 7 says, ‘Leave the presence of a fool, for there you do not meet words of knowledge’. ———-One of the reasons that Proverbs gives such a strong warning against hanging around with fools is that life is just too short, and your time is just too valuable to squander it on fools. This world is full of people who make very, very poor choices— people who have made a lifestyle of poor choices. Having such people as confidants–friends that influence you—-is asking for trouble.”

“Young people often fail to understand the value of time. When you are young you have more time than money. Many people find that when they are old, they have more money than time. It is not until later in life that people truly realise that time is most valuable commodity that they possess. You can always earn more money, but your time on earth is finite. Once your time is up, it’s up. That’s why it is important to invest your valuable time in quality relationships.”

“Each of us is trusting in something for the things we want and need, whether it is physics, random chance, ourselves or God. And one of the most important and foundational principles laid out in Proverbs is that you must trust in God in order to truly succeed in this life—–to have the life that you were meant to live. Your willingness to trust God is the single biggest factor that determine the course of your existence.”

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