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Inspirational Quotes for the WEEKEND

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By Charles Leyman Kachitsa

It is so fascinating that what has been said about Africa that we are one people has been proved time and again. More recently the wedding of paramount Chief of the Ngoni Maseko people, Inkosi ya Makosi Gomani V where people came from all over the southern part of Africa and East Africa to grace the occasion. The newly wed themselves proved this as the chief who looks after the Maseko Ngoni clan in Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania took a bride from South Africa where historically the clan originated.

The Ngoni story and their journey is again an interesting one since it is said the clans that departed South Africa did so to run away from the iron fist of their warrior King, Shaka Zulu. Thus the wedding is so ironical that the people from whom the Malawi Ngoni run away from, now are the ones from which our Chief Willard Gomani has found a beautiful bride to bring to Malawi. Whether Shaka Zulu, the great if he were alive would have approved of such an arrangement, we can not tell for he is not with us in this modern era.

Another thing that kept me on high alert watching the wedding ceremony is how traditional chiefs are able to do what we common mortals are unable to do. Which even our churches are failing o do. That’s bringing together political leaders from all quarters. Why is it that the political leaders are able to attend to a traditional chief function, yet fail to work together for a common good for nation in other fora? This you can ask them, these are alive and present with us. They are more than talking machines so they can answer for themselves suffice to say we have a lot we can learn from traditional leaders management styles. Even in our offices which is another arena politics is exercised excessively can learn from the governance principles of our traditional leaders. What is it they have that make us for a moment to think and walk the same path for once? Not only that they make us compete in buying them the biggest prices, such wisdom is worth learning and employing.

This week we return to an icon, to look at the quotations from his book that when you read may inspire you. It is by reading other people’s true life stories that deep learning takes place for they usually tell practical issues that when they fall on the wise, make them to avoid paths on which others have tripped before. I am sure you will agree with me on this, read and enjoy:


You could argue that, no matter what the part, being in front of a camera was always good practice. But I felt that I was born to be a leading man. I had to be on the posters. I had to be the one carrying the movie. Of course I realized that this sounded crazy to everybody but me. But I believed that the only way you become a leading man is by treating yourself like a leading man and working your ass off. If you don’t believe in yourself, then how will anyone else believe in you?”

“She was wise about public perception because that was the world in which she’d grown up. Maria was the first girlfriend I ever had who didn’t treat my ambitions as an annoyance, some kind of madness that interfered with her vision of the future: namely, marriage, kids, and a cozy little house somewhere – and the stereotypical All-American life. Maria’s world wasn’t small like that. It was gigantic, because of what her grandfather did, what her father did, what her mother did, what her uncles did. I’d finally met a girl whose world was as big as mine. I’d reached some of my goals but a lot of my world was still a dream. And when I’d talk about even bigger dreams, she never said, ‘Come on, this can’t be done.”

“I watched Milius give some of the early interviews, drawing reporters into the macho fantasy. One of his big talking points was Friedrich Nietzsche; the epigraph at the beginning of Conan, ‘That which does not kill us make us stronger,’ is paraphrased from the German philosopher’s 1889 book Twilight of the idols. The other big talking point was steel. ‘Steel gets harder and more durable the more you pound it,’ John would tell the reporters. It’s no different than the character of a human being. It needs to be tempered. It needs to overcome resistance. The more a man struggles, the stronger he is. Look at people who come from war-torn countries or tough city neighbourhoods. You can see the struggle in their faces. A makeup artist can’t do that. “

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