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Inspirational Quotes for the WEEKEND

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By Charles Leyman Kachitsa

Change is inevitable and since man was created so many years ago, he has known that this has to be expected. For some time in search of more civilization, man has tried to constantly change the environment in which he lives to make it as comfortable and easier as would be construed to support a sweet life. What is surprising is that despite this yearning for change, man reasons that the green nature of things that was perhaps the first creation is not only ideal for life but has to be desired to sustain life.

To preserve the green that man desires, nowadays in advanced developed parts of the world all new developments are being made with natural areas of green plants as spread as possible. Even the designs of buildings are being made as open as possible to allow much natural sunlight in. In fact in some future plans already being implemented in some famous advanced cities, motor vehicles for personal use are being pushed away to the peripherals of the cities as far away as possible with citizens encouraged to walk or cycle around.

Come to some developing countries, most often you hear their desire to urbanise all land as much as possible. Such countries should look at the trend now fashionable in the advanced countries and perhaps in advance mark some of their land as preserved areas to be kept as natural as possible. In blunt language, the thinking that all areas in a country need to be turned into cities is unsustainable. It may appear advanced thinking to have all modern apparatus but one would quickly realise that we cannot beat nature in any form as it was designed to be.

Should we therefore with the aforesaid abandon any development initiatives? A big NO! We should still thrive to better our lives where ever we are and our neighbourhoods. However, we should have deliberate policies of keeping most of the areas as rural as possible in their natural environment outlook although its people must be educated, its infrastructure modernised. Modernisation of building has to be done creatively using natural available resources and tools, through an informed basis scientific research that tests all elements including impact to life, durability, renewability and sustainability. In that vein, most African countries have everything they require in resources and nature. Africa is a continent where the sun smiles the biggest.

This week we continue to look at the quotations from the book I have been reading lately. It encourages human relationships as a way to positive living. I am sure that the quotes will make you reflect on your own practices and that you will learn one or two lessons from such. Read and enjoy:


We must do all we can to avoid formulation of superficial relationships as we progress on the path to our destiny. Forming and strengthening genuine relationships is of great importance. Sincere relationships are worth nurturing: for through such nurturing, genuine love can indeed emerge. Consequently, the best interest of one as a friend is developed in the heart of another. Ultimately you would have a friend who is indeed a friend, one who remains true, loyal and unchanged through the challenges of life no matter what. It is important to note however that anyone who must have a real friend must first prove himself to be a real friend! Would you consider yourself to be a real friend to someone in need of a real friend?”

Here are some other possible responses to use when approached with gossip which I have found helpful: You may ask the person, ‘Can I quote you on this?’ People who are interested in sharing gossip will not want to be quoted. Secondly, tell the gossip that you love the person that he/she is talking about, and you don’t appreciate how the person is being talked about, so this serves as hint to her that you are not interested in tearing somebody else down. You might also want to ask the gossip if he or she has any resentment against the individual concerned. Finally, try this other question: ‘Have you talked to [that person] about the matter?”

In my experience, the strongest motivation for forgiveness is always the sense of having received forgiveness ourselves or the awareness that, like everyone else in the human race, we are imperfect and have done things we need to be forgiven for. I understand that some of the things people do pierce our hearts like sharp arrows and it can be difficulty to deal with the aftermath and scars that result from their treachery. But the simple truth is that we must learn to forgive.”

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