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Infrastructure Development the Way – An Outsider Inside View

By Charles Leyman Kachitsa

There is ‘a get quick fixes’ in a lot of nations that have no ambition to scale up their development agenda. Those that have realised the tenets of development, have realised that as a nation the way to true development is through massive investment in scaling up building of big infrastructure.

Lilongwe Area 18 Interchange in Malawi

This is not the first article that I have insinuated these assertions. They say some things need repeating for reminding those who can get it to do so and for those who may have not understood the concept first time to understand. As Arnold Schwarzenegger, then Governor of California USA once said;

Building infrastructure is one of only three ways to lock in a benefit from a dollar one hundred years in the future. Number one is to build public work that will last for that long. Number two is to invent something that will still be used in a century. And number three is to educate your children and grandchildren so that they see the benefits of knowledge and educate their own children and grandchildren in turn. Do any of these successfully, and you’ve invested wisely. You may even be remembered for it.”

Total Recall, Arnold Schwarzenegger – My Unbelievable True Life Story.
Malawi University of Science and Technology

Like it has been stated in the opening, most people who do not understand this, go for quick fixes that are temporary and not good for sustainability of a nation’s development. In such cases to entice people to their cause, you might have therefore crude political leaders promising and promoting consumerism in terms provision of more meals and or food generally. However, food and or meals with a good plan for infrastructure development naturally fall in place without belabouring much for it.

Most of what we call developed nations followed the path of infrastructure development foremost to be where they are today. For instance the United Kingdom (UK), after the Second World war, went on a deliberate infrastructure development whilst rationing consumerism. Talking to most people who were there during that period, they narrate of how food was rationed in households, how the need for survival was paramount to anything. The UK went as far, importing the labour that helped to build its infrastructure from countries like Jamaica.

New Football Stadium to trigger Development

Admittedly, the path of developing a nation through first putting in place infrastructure is a long slow painful process for the citizenry who have to wait or forego eating whilst looking at rabbles, concrete developing through roads and or buildings. Having to deal with road diversions on busy roads and loneliness for the ladies who have their husband leave home to work at building sites. This is where brave and high risk adverse nations are separated from weak ones who thrive on daily glories. All in all perseverance is the best way for a nation to develop as they say some have given up when they had only an inch of wall to go before breakthrough.

It is always good to go back home, the initiative that the Malawi government has undertaken in infrastructure development should be applauded. In an article written fours years or so I did say that building of Markets, Football stadiums and University infrastructure have a long term impact on development as all other amenities would revolve around these. Again a familiar example in the UK, around universities, stadiums is where you see a lot of businesses thriving including automobile ones. So though the fruits are not seen immediately, infrastructure development foremost is the way to go for developing nations. Every thing else will then fall into place there after, may take some years but the results are almost permanent as opposed to promotion of consumerism.

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