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How to Strengthen Your Marriage During Corona Virus Quarantine

By Virginia Kwizombe (Mrs)

It is a fact that  the Covid-19 pandemic  has  changed the normal household routines.

Being in quarantine or self isolation means there is more time with our husbands and wives, which could be a blessing in disguise. However, hearing experiences from other countries during lockdown: there are couples that have almost felt like being imprisoned, living in discomfort and disdain with each other.  On the other hand, other marriages have thrived and come out better.

My challenge therefore to married couples is: make the decision that you will let God use this time  for the good of your marriage (Rom 8:28). Here are a few ways that you and your spouse can intentionally  strengthen your marriage.

. Study the Word of God Together

One of the most imperative things you can do with your spouse during quarantine  is studying the word of God together.  Doing this will strengthen and deepen your faith and draw you closer as you acquire wisdom on the best way to relate with each other. It is a fact that no one sets out to damage his or her marriage; the word says the enemy prowls around looking for someone to devour (1Peter 5:5). The enemy’s mission is to kill steal and destroy the good in marriages (John 10:10). Staying in the word will equip you with the armor of God to be able to take stand against the attack of the devil (Ephesians 6:10-11).

Therefore,  set aside some time daily of bible reading, discussion and reflection. You can choose topics from the YOU VERSION BIBLE APP, or I would also recommend the 31-day marriage devotional by marriage coaches Davie and Ashley Wills, that challenges couples to build their marriage on God’s word.

  • Spend time in Prayer 

Another thing to  endeavor to do during quarantine time is to pray your spouse. Praying together will increase trust and intimacy with your spouse. The common phrase: the family that prays together stays together couldn’t be truer. Mathew 18:19 says that if too on earth agree concerning any matter it will be done for them. Through prayer, you can come to agreement on matters and change things that you don’t want in your marriage. A great way to pray is to practice praying the scriptures, where you pray the bible word for word as your own prayers, personalizing the particular scriptures that relate to your lives.

  • Choose to think the best of your spouse

 Another thing to do is to intentionally  choose to change the way you think about your spouse and your marriage.  If you can tune your thoughts according to Gods idea of relationship, you can change your marriage for the better. Renew your mind and decide to focus  and think on those things that are: true, noble , right, lovely, admirable excellent, praiseworthy(Philippians 4:8)  about your spouse. When you decide to view your spouse as a good -willed person that perspective changes the dynamics of your relationship. After all  no one gets married to make their spouse miserable .

  • Take no offense and cool it with Criticism

One thing to remind yourself is that this is not the time to be pointing out mistakes.  There will be things about your spouse that will irritate you, but  choose not to focus on them at this time; the bible says overlooking offenses is our glory(Proverbs 19:11). Often times, our quick speech will betray  us ,hence  there is wisdom in  letting things go and  keeping our mouth shut(proverbs 21;23 , proverbs 17;28).

Taking offense never comes from God, His word says we are to be rooted and grounded in love.Mark 4:17 tells us the devil uses offenses to steal the word of God from our hearts. He causes us to get cross with each other, and not to talk for days- but refuse to give him the power.  Know who the enemy is , it is not your spouse( Ephesians 6:12). So chose to reject any feeling of offense, instead if you feel your spouse is in the wrong pray for him or her.


Father, I pray for grace for all the marriages in Malawi and worldwide during this Covid 19 challenge, ,may everything work for the good of all marriages.  I pray that this period strengthens the love  and intimacy between husbands  and wives for your glory.

 I pray for unity in all marriages, may husbands and wife realise who the real culprit is:- the devil who comes to kill steal and destroy. I pray that couples will use the armour of God and take stand against any schemes that the devil may have planned against marriages.

I pray especially that you give  wisdom  to husbands and wives to know exactly how they can build their marriages in this time.

I pray for 1 Corinthians 13  kind of love, to reign and be the norm in our marriages in these days and forever after in Jesus name.

About the Author:

Virginia Kwizombe is a Christian, motivational speaker, philanthropist and  Health  Promotion nutritionist. She is very passionate about helping people to achieve success by living a God God centric life. She is the founder of ‘Yathu Boys to Men  Initiative’ aimed  at empowering  young boys to become  all that God  created them to be , and the ‘Gods Power Couple initiative ‘which aims at empowering couples to do marriage Gods way. Virginia holds a Master of Science degree in Health Promotion from the university of Brighton in the UK. 

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