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Hidden Treasure in Fashion Design

By Harris Chimatiro

Lilongwe, April 23, Mana: Inspired by local Malawian garments and blooming vibrant fashion scene, Janet Nyondo had the deepest desire and passion for fashion since she was young.

She would sketch some rough drawing on a piece of papers and ona booklet just to have clear picture for the sketched thing.

“I would even get to a point of showing it to family and friends in which they had even pushed my desire to a new and higher level,” Janet explained.

Although, there has been so much progress over the years in the fashion industry; Janet’s clothing journey was not an easy one despite having that deeper hunger for it.

This is so as she wantedto turn the actual imaginations into reality. With time, Janet managed to overcome the problem by reading fashion and designing related books, attending business seminar, encouragement and advice from family and families.

This added to her progress as she holds on and stood firm till she launched Jays Fashion Collection Label on August 31, 2019.

Not only has Janet workedwith different giftedartists but she was the designer in the  Cozizwa’s trending Miyala music video which was released on February 12 2020.

Some of the people she has worked with are, the likes of Zaithwa, Blessed Citizen, Marty and many more.

In 2019, Janet was nominated as the best female Entrepreneur with international Christian Assembly for youth and young adults (IYA) awards by Local Assemblies of God Church.

Janet has showcased her designs at Christian entertainment that was organized by Raised for a purpose Ministries (RFP) Lilongwe Branch which took place at Bwaila Secondary School upper hall called HAEZ (Have and Enjoy Zoe).

In November 2019, she worked with Lab Angeles Modeling Agency on a number of fashion events such as the Beautiful African Fashion show that took place in the city of Lilongwe, which was one of her greatest achievement.

She isan Information Technology specialist which she studied at Lilongwe Technical College. She is the founder of Jays Fashion Collection which

Specializes in selling, renovating all types of cloth materials to a desired style.

“I design any trending fashion style even if its old school,” Janet added.

She lamented the challenges that fashion industry is facing in Malawi despite its boom.

“The cost of procuring raw materials into final products is relatively high of which it makes us to benefit little or not at all,” Janet complained.

The fashionista added that she struggle with the delay of clients giving money they owe the business leads to loss instead of making profits for the betterment of the business.

Nevertheless, Janet managed to push forward and move on with the ship.

She has been in the industry for close to six years, though she launched Jays Fashion Collection Label in august 2019.

Janet said she dedicates most of her time offering advice and helping those who wants to have their own businesses especially in the fashion industry.

“I do encourage startup entrepreneurs to start small with one product, set right prices and have a vision for unique brand identity,”the designer pointed out.

She continues to say startup entrepreneurs need to know their target customers and acquire enough funds to run the business smoothly for many months

Janet tipped on the use of social media and the use of very effective promotional medium to build a brand.

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