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Grouping Pays Tribute To Fallen Artist Michael Yekha

By Sam Majamanda

Phalombe, August 30, Mana: A social grouping called Muthukumano wa Alhomwe on Saturday celebrated the life of fallen Artist, Michael Yekha who was well known for his traditional music that hit Malawian airwaves in the 80s.

Born on April 28, 1951 as Michael Yekha Mukhito Phiri, the Namawerenga hit maker passed away on March 3, 1988 at the age of 38 after a short illness.

However, his grave site had not been decorated after 31 years of his demise, a thing that prompted the Lhomwe grouping to contribute MK1.2 million towards construction of the tombstone.

Speaking during the Tombstone unveiling ceremony, Taskforce Chairperson, Wilfred Mpisa said Yekha needed to be remembered for many reasons including his contribution to preservation of the Lhomwe culture through music.

“His cunning musical skills continue to entertain people today and in particular keeps the Lhomwe culture alive, something that makes us proud and it was heartbreaking for us to learn that his grave remained abandoned till date, that is why we came up with this idea,” he said.

Some of Yekha’s best sold songs include Khuruwani Muche and Oyimba Muchenjere which won him the entertainers of the year award in 1986.

Michael Yekha’s nephew, Gusto Gundaphiri described the lone artist who played from place to place as a fallen pillar that left a huge gap in their family which was yet to be filled.

“He was a torch-bearer in the family and his demise affected almost everyone. His leadership was hope for everyone in the family and we had a lot of expectations from him. God loved him the most and we accepted it,” he said.

Muthukumano wa Alhomwe is an affiliate of the Mulhako wa Alhomwe, established on June 1, 2019 and it exists in order to focus on minor activities that seek to preserve the Lhomwe culture at grassroots level.

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