Govt Phasing Out old Variety of Fertiliser

The Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development has started phasing out NPK fertilizer formulation of 23:21: +4S by replacing it with NPK formulation of 23:10:5+6S+1.0Zn, following a discovery that the former formulation did not have potassium.

Public Relations Officer(PRO) in the Ministry, Osborn Tsoka, told Malawi News Agency (MANA) in an interview on Friday that the process has already began by the issuance of licenses for importation of the new formulation.

“Since January this year, we are only issuing licenses to those traders importing the new formulation of fertilizer,” Tsoka said.

He also said that the ministry is conducting sensitization meetings with farmers on the importance of using the new formulation as another way of facilitating the phasing out of 23:21: +4S formulation.

“We are encouraging our farmers to use the new formulation which has potassium and zinc as a micro nutrient,” he said.

Tsoka said the recent soil analysis shows that most of the soils in the country lack potassium due to continued use of fertilizers without this micro nutrient.

The ministry is doing demonstrations in all the eight agricultural development divisions across the country to show farmers the profitability of the new formulation, according to Tsoka.