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Home » News » Gospel Singer Banda Features Allan Chirwa in ‘Ndayalura Mphasa’ Single

Gospel Singer Banda Features Allan Chirwa in ‘Ndayalura Mphasa’ Single

By Blessings Kapina

Lilongwe, September 12, Mana: A Lilongwe-based Gospel Singer, Madalitso Banda has released a new single titled ‘Ndayalura mphasa’.

He told Malawi News Agency (Mana) Saturday in Lilongwe the song comes from the Book of John 5 which talks about a man who had difficulties in walking for 38 years but upon meeting Jesus Christ he was set free.

“Therefore in this song I want to say to everyone that no matter how the problem is big or small once we meet Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour there is an instant miracle hence the title NdayaluraMphasa,’’ Banda said.

Part of the song, lero likhale tsiku laumboni/ lero likhale tsiku lamayankho/nyengo zangazisitha/ chitonzo ndiye chakwana/nyengo zowawa za ndi topetsa/ yaweh gwireni dzanja, Ndati ngakhale zivute bwanji sindichoka kwainu Yaweh/ Yankhol anga lopezeka.

He said that the song would help people to have hope in God whenever they are hopeless and he said that although they might be going through challenges and insults but the must know God will deliver them from such afflictions.

The Singer said that something may be bad today in one’s life but God would surely turn around all their problem into joy and all would be history.

He said that listening to the song people would be able to know that there is a day whereby Jesus would meet their needs because there is no problem which is impossible with God, what is needed was having faith in Him.

According to Allan Chirwa, in the song he is talking about God’s everlasting mercy and telling people to come and see His goodnesstowards his life and what Jesus has done to him, having his prayer answered.

Part of the verse, Yehovah ndiwa bwino/ chifundo chake ndichosatha/lero wandiyendera/ bwerani mudzaone Yehovah ali okoma wandiyakha pemphero/

He said that people should cast their burdens and worries to God for He cares for them and he continued by saying people should trust in Christ forHe never slumbers to answer their prayers.

The Song produced by Khumbo Kaliwo is available for download on www, and currently is enjoying airplay in various radio Stations across the country.

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