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From Street Kid to Pilot: How Malawian Prophet Bushiri Changed Anthony’s Story

By Sifiso Mabunda, ECG News

Ten years ago, Antony Kaombe, now 25, was a hopeless orphan, a street kid; but, today, he is a qualified pilot, about to fly people to every corner of the world.

His story of birth, though, doesn’t begin with pain and poverty. His father, a Malawian, and mother, a Zimbabwean, weren’t poor.

“My mother was a police officer and my father a military soldier. I didn’t have a troubled childhood,” he says.

But trouble befell him when, by 2011, he had lost both parents. Everything around him changed for the worst.

“I was still young. I ended up going to Children homes to seek help but I wasn’t assisted the way I wanted,” he explains.

Young, hungry and frail, the little Anthony hoped from one place to another searching for a hand of help.

He only found that hand in a friend, his age mate, and, united by a shared pain, they started a home.

It wasn’t really a home for they had, in their tenderness of age, to look for a meal, a clothing, a bath and just everything. Tired and hopeless, Anthony resorted to suicide.  Caught in the act, Anthony got arrested and was locked up.

Interestingly though, in his attempt to take away his life, Anthony found a new life—a fresh beginning.

He explains: “The lady at the Victim Support Unit asked me to go to Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s church to be delivered from the spirit of suicide.”

Anthony trudged on and, in September 2011, he hoped to Prophet Bushiri’s church in Lilongwe and met the man of God.

He met the Prophet and, after a deliverance prayer during the service, Anthony recalls a feeling of freedom all over his body.

That moment, he tells me, was a breakpoint for him—but, still, a second meeting with Prophet Bushiri in 2012 was phenomenal.

He explains: “In 2012, the prophet located me and told me about my future. I remember him telling me that I am a Star. I didn’t know what that meant because, from the pain I experienced, I couldn’t understand if there anything good for me.”

Anthony reveals that, few months later, the He moved into the Prophet’s house, got trained in ministry work and, with days, his life started to take a positive a direction.

The beauty of being close to Prophet Bushiri, according to Anthony, is that he always energises you with words of encouragement, constantly telling you he sees greatness in you.

“I started aviation with Mach1 Aviation School in South Africa and he told me I should not get worried with anything for I have his full support. I am currently with Airline Transportation Pilot License (ATPL) and it’s the Prophet supporting everything,” he says.

Reflecting on his story, Anthony says there is no going back, he wants to continue working hard and to prove to the world that, amidst pain, there is still love and hope out there.

He adds that he has learnt a lot from Prophet Bushiri, adding that if he were to write a book, it would be something worth millions of pages.

 “He is an amazing father, someone who sees a seed in you and waters it. A man who is willing to invest in the future of every child he sees, a mentor whose love is immense—loving everyone just as his own children,” he explains.

Anthony further remembers that, as a human being, he has failed Prophet Bushiri several times but, surprisingly, the ECG founder never gave up on him.

To the youths out there who, today, might be going through what he went through, Anthony has a message:

“Part of Joseph’s journey to being the prime minister of Egypt was being a good slave. So don’t give up. You are only passing a stage,” he says.

Anthony also advises people who have to always render a hand to those who don’t have.

“Kindness to the poor is a loan to the Lord, and He will reward you. The world can be a better place if we can show the love of God.”

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