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Five Good Reasons to Visit Malawi

By Fryson Masina

Malawi, the landlocked country is found in the South East Africa .The following are some the major reasons why you should strive to visit Malawi.

The first one is the people and the culture. The people of Malawi are friendly and welcoming. Malawi is known as the warm heart of Africa. Once you are in Malawi, you will never feel out of place.

Dance for the Spirits

You are always at home. The culture is so exciting and so is the food, culture and traditional customs.  There is a lot to explore and embrace in terms of music and dance.   There is so much to learn with regards to its people and culture.

The second reason to visit this great country is that you get to explore the fresh waters of Lake Malawi and the beautiful resorts along the lake. Lake Malawi attracts thousands of people per year from around the world because of its fresh and clean waters.

The beaches along the lake are the best places to be during the summer. Apart from the fresh waters, the lake harbors Chambo fish. This type of fish can’t be found anywhere in the world but only Lake Malawi.

The third reason why you should visit Malawi is to explore the beautiful scenery and the mountains. The country has.

Mulanje Mountain

Mulanje Mountain, the biggest mountain in Malawi and third in Africa, the mountain attracts a lot of tourists from all walks of life. Zomba Mountain is another place to visit. All these mountains and others have features that are blessed with rich landscapes and sceneries. This makes tourists flock to Malawi.

The fourth reason to visit Malawi is the fact that the country also has a number of national parks and game reserves. These places have a lot of animals and plants that are never found elsewhere in the world but Malawi.

 Some of these national parks includes; Lengwe national park in Chikwawa and Liwonde national park in Liwonde. We also have Nkhotakota game reserve, Lake Malawi national park, Vwaza national park and a lot others spread across the country.

The last and most important reason why you should visit Malawi is because it is a land of peace. Malawi is a very peaceful and God fearing nation. The country has never gone through a war.

 This makes it an ideal destination for tourists and investors. The country offers a fertile environment for people to invest in different types of businesses of their choice. Most of the tourists end up settling in Malawi because they feel free to do whatever they want without any interference.

I always encourage the tourists and those on vacation and even the investors to visit Malawi, the warm heart of Africa; you will surely not forget a fantastic experience of a lifetime

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