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Home » News » Five Envoys Presents Letters Of Credence To Mutharika

Five Envoys Presents Letters Of Credence To Mutharika

By Lily Kampani

President Prof. Peter Mutharika on Tuesday welcomed newly appointed Ambassadors from Japan, Russia, Thailand, Iran and Philippine.

The Ambassadors all expressed their eagerness to forge lasting bi-lateral relations with Malawi as they presented their letters of credence to the President in Lilongwe.

Japanese Ambassador, Satoshi Iwakiri stated that Japan is looking forward to continue with the good relations that the two countries already share.

“We plan to expand cooperation between Malawi and Japan by carrying out developmental projects in areas such as agriculture and infrastructure” he said.

Russian Ambassador, Nikolai V Krasilnikov said time has come to develop partnerships in social-economic spheres.

“We are ready to facilitate development of bilateral relations through investment in technology, mining, energy and Agriculture” he stated.

Thailand Ambassador, Komate Kamalavin expressed a desire to focus not only on government relations but create a personal people to people relationship with the citizens of Malawi.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Francis Kasaila said Malawi seeks to maintain good relations with other countries to provide its citizens better opportunities in areas such as trade, investments and education.

“Each country has something to offer Malawi in terms of expertise such as Thailand in agro-processing, Japan in Infrastructural development and Russia in ICT” he explained. Four of the envoys with the exception of Japan will be based in other countries.

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