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Family Dynasty and the Concept of Monarchy – An Outsider Inside View

By Charles Leyman Kachitsa

Why do some families seem to be dominant in ruling over others or put simply in seemingly producing leaders? This question has always been a puzzle to many with most settling on the simple explanation that it should be that the elevation of one gives the advantage to the others of his/ her children, siblings and or relatives. This is a very baseless explanation as it is not a true reflection of nature, we know of families where there is only one person who despite trying to give advantage in all forms; capital for business, positions in organisations, he or she still remains the only one standing with the others failing or squandering their chances.

There must be a deep explanation therefore about how power can revolve in families. One simple first stage where we may want to stop and look could be perhaps looking at developed countries monarchy. How do these nations maintain their monarchy systems especially in making sure incoming heirs have requisite personality ettiquatte and skills? The answer is in training and education. In developed nations morchany apparent heirs to the throne are trained for ruler-ship from the time they are born. They are educated in all aspects from understanding the world, nature, economic knowledge, philosophy, religion and military power. This is why for example in the UK the heir and perhaps all nearer to the throne, have to be trained and spend some time in the military.

The same principle is true of successful families who have taken turns to rule over others, the answer is in their training from where ever they have grown up. Wher ever in this sense who ever took charge to raise them up, be it parents or another successful relation or in some cases for the lucky ones someone not related who have identified them for mentorship.

The other reason being the support they receive from family in the training and discharge of their duties when they commence. While others look for blessings and training from outside, good parents bless their children and train them with belief that they are training leaders. You can only get power from within which when it is expressed outside is so strong that it is difficult to diminish it. Children this is also a lesson for you to honour your parents as no one can bless you primarily any more than they can, not any pastors, spiritual leader can do it unless they are your parents or have adopted you as their child in their absence. The blessings of others outside your ‘parents’ is secondary. Parents have delegated powers from above having been assigned to pro-create to bless their children and if you look at it, that line is very clear. God created man in His image and man is mandated/ delegated to procreate another.

This same principle is what makes other races feel superior and others feel Inferior. Some races are born and taught from childhood they are superior and they grow, walk about carrying that, believing that. They therefore take their position wherever they go and sometimes pushed on by those who would already been feeling theirs is an inferior race.

Others are born into and surrounded by an air of inferiority status and are chided every time they try to rise in fact sometimes without reason just to put them down by others including their own parents. What would you expect from such people growing up. Of course, once in a while you have people who become enlightened and break up as they call it ‘the glass ceiling,’ getting on to the league of those considered superior. For the luck ones that marks end of the lower mark for all their families, existing and future generation. That is if those associated with them are prepared to learn. For some it is like a one off fluke where after the person who had broken through passes on, the remaining and future relations get back to their inferiority positions.

FILE–USA President Kennedy, working late at his White House office with his son, John Jr., under his desk in the Oval Office in the White House in 1963. (AP Photo/Look Magazine, Stanley Tretick, File)

We have a major problem in that, that which we do not understand, that which has mesmerised us, we settle for a simple explanation such as saying one has used black magic (witchcraft) when they have broken through financially or you find such other unproven explanation. This we do at the expense of sitting down and doing a proper research or an analysis on how things have happened for them to break through.

Yet everyone desires to be well to do, everyone desire a happy life and everyone wants to have influence over others. Most would like to have their children inherit their wealth or trade but fail to teach them the lopes ending in the vicious cycle that is often told that wealth of a person who has passed away is unsustainable (chuma cha masiye sichimalimba). We forget in giving the narrative that those who have inherited such wealth or trade or position they are messing, were never properly trained by the benefactors. I edge all who want to keep their names, their family names to have a deliberate intention of training those they want one day to carry on their legacy whether their children, brothers, spouses and or relatives. doing that we will not be surprised when the legacy continues smoothly from one to the next. This applies to ones job as well.

Former President of Kenya Late Jomo Kenyatta with his son the current President of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta

Take an example of current USA President Donald Trump, he has always trained and included his children in his trades in business and now in politics, they are now in top government positions. It is nowhere called nepotism because people realise by their training they are capable to carry the job on. So lets stop using the excuse of calling such fallaciously, ‘this is building a dynasty.’ Our analysis should be whether the person given that privilege is doing their job well on the position they are occupying. We should not be stagnant by looking at who came before them on the same role as to whether they were related. Or whether who else doing the job in the same trade is their relation. Instead aim to properly train your children, train your brothers/ sisters, train your relatives for a lasting legacy. That is if you have the skills yourself, it’s not building a dynasty or morn achy when one trains well their children or relatives.

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