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FAM launches FIFA Women’s Football Campaign in Karonga

By George Mponda

Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has launched FIFA Women’s Football Campaign in Karonga with an aim to attract more female players to the game.

Speaking on Sunday during the launch at Karonga Community Centre Ground, FAM’s Women’s Football Manager, Blandina Mdebwe said they want to encourage participation in women’s football at grassroots level.

Simwaka (green jersey) poses with some of the players

“Shortly, we will launch Under 14 and Under 16 Women’s Football Leagues in Karonga and we will use these platforms to scout new players for Luwinga Inclusive Academy which is going to be the first full residential football academy in Malawi.

“Girls will benefit from this program because it will allow them to play in a safe, funny and non-competitive environment where they will also develop life skills and form new friendships,” said Mdebwe.

In her remarks, Vice President of National Women’s Football Association, Tsalakunja Chimanga said reaching districts with this campaign will help identify players who can improve women’s football in Malawi.

“Football is a very lucrative career which has the ability to change peoples lives. By scouting players in districts like Karonga, we might find talented players who can help our national team at the same time changing their lives for the better,” Chimanga said.

During the launch, FAM also brought along women’s football ambassadors, Asimenye Simwaka, Linda Kasenda and Maggie Chombo.

In her remarks, Simwaka, a national team football player who is also from Karonga said launching a league in the district will expose more girls to football.

“I just want to urge the girls to work hard in school, be disciplined and listen to their coaches inorder for them to make strides in their careers just like Temwa and Tabitha Chawinga,” Simwaka said.

On her part, Donalisa Nyondo who plays for Karonga Stars said the leagues will motivate a lot of girls to start playing women’s football.

Mdebwe – We want to promote women’s football at grassroot level
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