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FAM hails Grassroots Soccer Programme

By Noel Chimwala

Football Association of Malawi (FAM) Technical Support Manager James Sangala has described Grassroots Soccer Programme as crucial in talent development among young boys.

Sangala said this on Monday at Chikwawa Community Ground during the Grassroot Tournament for boys with age ranges between 10 and 13 from five primary schools within the district.

“The project aims at developing football skills in young boys and we are here in Chikwawa to involve these young ones and select the best players who are showing some potential,” said Sangala.

He added that the selected players will be involved in projects run by FAM like Technical Development Scheme in southern region and Inclusive Academy in northern region.

“We have seen talent in Chikwawa and impressed with it. We have selected six players who have shown potential and we are going to put them in our projects to add value and make sure that their skills are polished,” he added.

Sangala further encouraged young players to work hard in school and also participate in football, saying football is one of the careers giving hope and opportunities to the youths in the country.

In her remarks, Education Sports Officer for Chikwawa District Council, Linda Singano, said the Grassroots Soccer Project is allowing young ones to express their talent, giving hope that the country will have good players in the future.

“We are very happy that some kids have been selected to join FAM projects like Inclusive Academy, and we are eager to make sure that the selected ones reach their destiny and also make sure their education sponsorship is done as promised by the football governing body,” said Singano.

“I would like to commend FAM for coming to Chikwawa and select talent from communities than just selecting those from cities,” she added.

Singano then encouraged the outstanding children to continue displaying their skills and advised parents to stop discouraging their children from taking part in sporting activities.

The five primary schools involved in the tournament include Chikwawa, Namalindi, Namikolongo, Namalomba and Dyeratu. Dyeratu defeated Namikolongo 1-0 in the final.

The Grassroots Soccer Project receives support from Federation for International Football Association (FIFA).

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