Experience God’s Power through Praise

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By Minister Collins Chingota

We are still looking at the journey into the presence of God. It begins with surrender, which is the key that opens the door so we may enter in. Then we take our first steps to enter through thanksgiving. Once we are in, we invoke His power through praise.

Minister Collin Chingota

To praise God means to; acknowledge, applaud, exalt, magnify, appreciate, boast in, Him as a response to the great things He has done. We praise Him for what we have seen Him do physically and what He has already promised to do through His word. We express our praises in various expressions such as singing, dancing and shouting.

The Bible is full of stories that show us the power of praise. It is through the vehicle of praise that God shows up in our lives through his manifest presence. The Lord visited his children and brought down the heavy walls of Jericho when they made sounds of praise (Joshua 6). He also showed up through an earthquake that literally broke down the chains of prisoners when Paul and Silas sang praises to God in the middle of the night. God steps down from the throne and joins us when we praise Him, hallelujah!

Psalms 22:3 (ERV) God, you are the Holy One. You sit as King upon the praises of Israel.

God is always with us since He is omnipresent, found everywhere. But there are moments where He manifests His presence in more visible ways. And Praise is one of the ways He does that. As we lift our praises to Him and his power shows up, we will experience healing, anointing, wholeness, freedom and victory. Make praise your lifestyle and you will always walk in His presence!

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