Entrepreneurship – Going Green With Joseph Mphande

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By Philes Davis

2020 may have been one of the worst years to have ever hit mankind in recent years.  Who can forget this year when the ugly face of Covid-19 pandemic is still visible?

Literary all sectors of mankind were and are still directly ransacked by this monster virus. The economic sector is no exception.

In Malawi, examples are many whereby both established and up and coming business firms have either closed down their operations, or are swimming in muddy waters all courtesy of covid-19.

For youthful Joseph Mphande, 2020 presented an opportunity; an opportunity for him to establish his name in the country’s echelons of economic prowess. He established his first professional business firm, Greenfield Garden Services.

Greenfield Garden Services are specialists in landscaping, and other related garden services. According to Joseph, his firm aims at ensuring that its clientele live in a healthy and majestic environment.

“Our core business is ensuring that we live indelible marks in all our dealings. We strive to create lasting healthy environments to our clients’ compounds,” he said.

So, as most of his peers had been wincing about the adverse side effects of Covid-19 pandemic, Joseph has been fine-tuning his Greenfield Gardening Services to ensure it reaches all corners of Malawi.

“It’s obvious Covid-19 may take time to be annihilated. So, I couldn’t have been wincing daily. I’d to establish this firm and properly equip it so it becomes a household name,” he challenges.


Prior to the establishment of Greenfield Gardening Services, Joseph had an eight-year stint in Cape Town, South Africa. It was here where his passion for gardening originated from.

“I’d a friend who was into this industry. So, I used to spend most of my time with him…learning the basics of the trade. I then vowed that I shall venture into this industry once I get back home,” he recalls.

And it was so, energetic Joseph Mphande started saving the little he could get towards the establishment of his firm. He also started gathering other resources and updated his knowledge base of the industry.

“I then had a goal to achieve. I needed to know every bit of this trade and at the same time gather as many resources as I could so I could get full throttle once I kicked off,” he said.


Typical of start ups, Greenfield Gardening Services has had its own share of hiccups along the way. Firstly, being a newbie in this industry, getting recognized  by prospective clients was no kids’ play.

“It’s very challenging to convince clients when your firm is just new in the industry. It takes serious marketing strategies to break through,” he testifies.

Another challenge that Joseph has noted is that a cross section of Malawians do not embrace gardening services.

“Many Malawians feel hiring gardening services firm is for the elite. This is a wrong mindset. We all need to live in healthy environments, and contrary to popular beliefs, gardening services are affordable,” he said.

A word to the youth

Joseph Mphande believes that Malawian youths need to have the will power to rise above their guts amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. According to him, they just need to devise a formula and a workable business idea.

“Let’s be creative and come up with practical solutions to the problems mankind is facing. Out of that, we can easily start earning a little something. Staying idle won’t bring food on our tables,” he advises.

Greenfield Gardening Services is currently operating in Lilongwe Area 47 Sector 4, and in Sunnyside, Blantyre.

About the Author: Philes Davis is a writer and reporter for Leyman Publications. She originates from Chisenga area of Chitipa district in Malawi. Born in June 1996, Philes is the first born in a family of three children. After her secondary school, she stared as a part-time actress in several productions. She recently has just completed her journalist studies at the Malawi Institute of Journalism.