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Emerging Technology in Africa

By Michael Kachitsa

African innovators are still building solutions using these technologies and finding use cases across various sectors from healthcare to finance and agriculture. Buycoins, a cryptocurrency platform, has created an avenue for Nigeiran to receive value and trade in Bitcoin and Ethereum using their local currency. 

The technology industry on the continent has shown its ability to quickly innovate, attract investor interest and contribute significantly to the continent’s economy. Nevertheless, for it to truly become the next frontier for emerging technologies, there is a lot more that needs to go into education and research, particularly, as well as policy development and regulation to scale and consolidate ongoing efforts in the emerging technologies space.  

Ubenwa, a healthtech startup is using machine learning to help prevent asphyxia-related infant mortalities. Agritech companies like Agrix Tech in Cameroon, Shamba Records in Kenya are using blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning to reduce agricultural losses from pests, increase yield and improve oversight operations for farmers. An AI system developed by Data Science Nigeria can track participation using facial scanning tools and help teachers and guardians track school  performance of their students and wards. In logistics, IoT tools and AI are improving the ways goods and people are moved from one place to another through companies like Kobo360, Lori Systems and TMX Global.

Source – Techabal

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