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DPP’s 120 Days Fruitful- Governor

By Tionge Kasolota

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Regional Governor for Eastern Region, Julius Paipi, has described the 120 days that DPP has been in office following the May 21 polls as fruitful.

He said this in an interview with Mana on Wednesday saying that the 120 days had seen an influx of people in the eastern region joining the ruling party in large numbers.

Paipi noted that just in the past four months the party in the eastern region had opened doors to welcome three members of parliament into the blue camp, a development, he described as a sign that the party’s reputation was good.

“DPP is very strong in the eastern region and we are still conquering because people have trust in President Mutharika,” the Governor explained.

Paipi added that, “We have welcomed three Members of Parliament for Machinga North East Ajiru Kalitendere, Mangochi-Masongola Constituency Ishmael Grant Rashid and Ntcheu Bwanje South Mwisho Chilikumtima; all this within 120 days.”

He hinted that a number of MP’s and Councilors from the region have requested to join the party and that soon the DPP would officially welcome them.

The Governor appealed to all Malawians to emulate the peaceful spirit of the eastern region where people of different political, religious and culture leanings live together in harmony.

“People have the constitution right to protest but we also have a constitutional right to protect our country, life and property; after all is said and done, we all have one obligation to protect Malawi,” he added.

Ntcheu Bwanje South Member of Parliament, Mwisho Chilikumtima, was quoted recently as saying chiefs and members of his constituency appealed to him that he should join the ruling party to bring development to the area.

The Mangochi-Masongola parliamentarian said recently at a rally held at Namwera Trading Centre that DPP’s focus on development was what had attracted him to join the party adding that what people in his constituency wanted most was infrastructural development.-MANA

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