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Doumbouya elected as CAR president

By Levison Lester

In a highly contested election, members of Smart Africa Council of African Regulators (CAR) have given Mamady Doumbouya, a Guinean, the mandate to advance agenda of harmonising digital access in Africa.

Daud Suleman from Malawi, Mary Mungai from Kenya and Mamady Doumbouya from Guinea were the aspirants contesting on the presidential seat.

Speaking after being declared winner at Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC) in Lilongwe on Thursday, Doumbouya said Smart Africa members including Malawi should work together in making Africa a digital continent.

He said CAR has an obligation to make ICT projects, which have been agreed upon by member states, successful.

“Firstly, allow me to thank you all for the trust you have put on us, newly elected members. As president elect, I will make sure that the objectives and vision of CAR are achieved. We will all work towards a better Africa. Through CAR, we will make Africa a world of digital,” he said.

Speaking earlier, newly elected CAR Vice President, Mary Mungai (Kenya), said cyber security remains a big challenge in Africa as such, members of Smart Africa should work together in making sure that Africans are free from cyber-attacks.

Malawi Communication Regulatory Authority (MACRA) Director General, Daud Suleman, appealed to CAR representatives to work together to reduce the digital divide in Africa.

He highlighted that Starlink, which is being initiated in most African countries including Malawi, proves to be a breakthrough in enhancing digitisation.

“Starlink which is part of e-space being initiated as Smart Africa project has presented a number of benefits which outweigh the challenges in Malawi, as such, CAR representatives should explore and leverage opportunities arising from Starlink for the benefit of Africa,” Suleman said.

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