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Crime Rate Drops in Machinga

By Aisha Amidu

Machinga Police has managed to reduce crime rate by 0.2 percent in the just ended year.

This has been disclosed through a report that was released by the Research and Planning Office which stated that police have managed to reduce such cases as robberies, assaults, breakings and other criminal cases. 

Research and Planning Officer, Inspector Damiano Paluma revealed that Machinga Police Station has registered a 0.2 percent crime reduction as indicated in the Machinga Police Station annual report. 

The report shows that the station registered 1,294 cases in 2018 as compared to 1292 cases registered in 2019 representing a decrease of 0.2 percent.

Clarifying on the decreased cases, Sulumba said in 2018, the station registered 455 breaking cases as compared to 406 in 2019 representing a 11 percent decrease.

However, the report indicated that sexual offences have increased by 26 percent whereby the station registered 98 cases in 2018 as compared to 123 cases registered in 2019.

Machinga Police Station Officer, Sergeant Davie Sulumba disclosed that the increase in sexual cases is as a result of the awareness campaigns that are being conducted in rural areas.

“Sexual awareness campaigns that are being conducted in rural areas have opened the eyes of Machinga people as they have realized the importance of reporting sexual abuse cases to the police,” he said. Adding that that was the only reason why sexual cases are increasing compared to the previous years.

The station registered 32 fatal accidents in 2018 while in 2019 they were 38 fatal accidents representing 19 percent increase.  This means 27 people lost their lives in 2018 as compared to 42 people who lost their lives in 2019. 

Sulumba said that these accidents involved pedestrians and cyclists and they happened due to non-compliance to road traffic regulations.

Machinga police is assuring the community of having maximum security and to make it a free criminal community so as to achieve the vision of creating a safe Malawi.

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