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COVID-19 Survivor Speaks Out

By Loness Gwazanga

Blantyre, May 8, Mana: Blantyre based COVID-19 survivor has revealed that the disease is indeed curable only if one follows all the necessary medical procedures.

The 22-year-old Sufian Godil told the media in Blantyre on Wednesday that although he did not show any signs and symptoms at the time he tested positive to the pandemic, he managed to adhere to what medical personnel advised him to do.

“I came back from South Africa on 27th March and was put on self-quarantine for fourteen days. By the time I was found positive, I had no any symptoms but I told myself that it shall be well.

“During my isolation days, I just watched movies, browsed the internet, read novels and did some exercises to keep my body fit.  

“All I can say is that people should not panic about the pandemic but just follow what the doctors are saying because in so doing, you are also protecting your family from being infected,” he said.

Godil then commended Blantyre District Health Office for tirelessly attending to him throughout his ordeal until he tested negative.

He also encouraged Malawians not to fear being tested as that is the only way the country can win the COVID-19 battle.

In his remarks, Blantyre District Medical Officer Dr. Fatsani Zaziwe Gunda attributed the recovery to the strong coordination that existed during the time he came back from South Africa until he was tested positive.

“We are happy that he is finally here to testify. It was not easy for him but he tried his best to follow our instructions,” said Gunda.

He added that: “We are currently contemplating of conducting a mop-up exercise in Limbe, Mpingwe and Mudi areas where we will be testing.  

“This is because most of the positive cases are found in confined areas of around Limbe, representing 98 per cent.

So far, Blantyre has recorded 11 cases with five active and recovery cases, and one death.

Currently, there are five suspects at Kameza KCN Isolation Centre where one, a truck driver from Tanzania, tested positive.  

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