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Cotton farmers urged to plant new hybrid seed

By Sanenje Nkhani

Cotton Association of Malawi has urged farmers in the country to participate in contract farming and use new hybrid cotton seed called Mahyco Bollgard 2 to increase their produce.

Cotton is one of the valuable cash crops grown in the country and if taken seriously with recommended seeds can help to boost the country’s economy.

Speaking in an interview on Tuesday with Cotton Development Officer for Cotton Council of Malawi, Boaz Madzula said any cotton that has an element of natural power of Bollgard 2 is the answer to increased yield for it contains proteins from bacteria called bacillus thuringiensis that protect cotton from pest.

“The council is helping farmers to realize their potential to produce cotton of high quality through contract farming. Farmers do not have to struggle looking for markets or buyers since the buyers will be at their disposal before growing cotton.

“Farmers, buyers and ginners sign a contract of the price of cotton and quantity to be offered on the market hence they will be growing cotton knowing that markets are readily available after harvesting,” said Mazula.

In a separate interview, Blantyre district Director of Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources Linda Mphande encouraged farmers to be in groups to intensify the quality and volume of their harvest.

“Farmers should embrace change and form cooperatives for increased productivity and quality of farm produces that are competitive and marketable,” said Mphande.

Currently, there is a high demand of cotton in the country, and more than 47,000 farmers have registered for contract farming to grow the crop.

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