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Come Now, Let Us Reason Together: Malawians Called to Embrace Peace

By Memory Chatonda

President of Providence Industrial Mission (PIM), Wilson Mitambo has called on Malawians to embrace peace and harmony as the country awaits the outcome of the presidential elections court case.

Mitambo said this on Wednesday during John Chilembwe memorial service of worship at PIM in Chiradzulu which was held under the theme: Blessed are the peace makers.

He observed that the peace of the country is slowly deteriorating as evidenced by tensions among people that have been characterized by massive demonstrations.

“The demonstrations are all over like in political cycles, schools, churches and we will soon see women protesting against their husbands because of bonya which is very pathetic and as Malawians, we need to feel sorry for our country.

“Let us all join hands to pray for peace from God which is the key to providing solutions to any problem in the country including the demonstrations,” said Mitambo, who is also the President of African Baptist Assembly.

According to Mitambo, the clergy have already joined hands to pray for Malawi through various petitions including matters of elections and that they are optimistic that God will answer their prayers.

Mitambo, however, thanked President Peter Mutharika for delegating his Vice, Everton Chimulirenji  to grace the memorial service on his behalf; describing it as an honour in as far as observing Chilembwe Day is concerned.

He also expressed gratitude to Mutharika for initiating different developments in Chiradzulu citing the construction of Aida Chilembwe Community Technical College, a telecentre as well as tarmac roads.

In his remarks, Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, Francis Phiso said government would continue observing Chilembwe Day in remembrance of the important role he played in fighting for the country’s freedom.

Phiso, therefore, concurred with Mitambo in praying for peace of the nation which has eluded the country due to demonstrations.

“We know that to demonstrate is a constitutional right for every citizen. However, we are touched that children are now being involved in such protests to the extent of being arrested.

“If we continue with this tendency, what kind of generation are we building? I believe it is only prayer that can turn this around and restore the peace we are longing for,” Phiso said.

During the memorial service of worship, the clergy held intercessory prayers for the leadership of the country, unity and peace for all Malawians, good rain without disasters and for John Chilembwe and other fallen heroes.

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