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Colorbath aims at improving sanitary environment in Mzimba

By Pemphero Kapeni

Mzimba, Mana: Colorbath, a non-governmental organisation from Japan in partnership with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) on Thursday introduced a two-year project aimed at improving sanitary environment with sustainability in Mzimba district.

In an interview, chief executive officer for Colorbath, Yusuke Yoshikawa said Mzimba was earmarked for the project following the concern that the district hospital uses 500 kilogrammes of firewood for boiling water and cooking food stuff.

“We therefore want to utilize a solar power boiler in order to improve sanitary environment in hospitals and after that in schools and communities,” he said.

Yoshikawa further said utilizing solar powered water boiler will help in conserving nature since people will stop cutting down trees to use for firewood.

JICA Malawi senior representative, Naoto Sakonju said the health sector is more important to the development of Malawi as such they are supporting the project to fulfil Malawi’s vision 2063 of creating a sanitary environment.

On his part, M’Mbelwa district labour officer, Russell Mhone who represented the district commissioner said the project has answered what the 2021 Mzimba children’s parliament requested at Mnjiri secondary school hall last week.

“Our children complained of challenges of inadequate water and sanitary facilities in schools and communities, so by bringing this project in Mzimba south their plea has been partly answered,” said Mhone.

With a budget of $90,000 (MK72, 200,000) the project will be implemented at Mzimba district hospital, Manyamula, Edingeni and Embangweni health centres from November 2021 to January 2024.