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China Donates Medical Supplies Worth US$ 1 Million To Malawi

By Tione Andsen

Lilongwe, September 27, Mana: Chinese government has pledged its support to Malawi government in the fight against Covid-19 pandemic.

Counsellor for Chinese Embassy, Liu Guoyu made the remarks Sunday at Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) in Lilongwe during the handover ceremony of the third batch of medical supplies for fighting against Covid-19 to Malawi government valued at US$ 1 million.

He said they have provided anti-epidemic medical supplies, including 30 sets of Non invasive Ventilators and 20,016 testing kits which are urgently needed in the country.

“The eighth batch of Chinese medical team, consisting of 17 experts has arrived in the country to provide support in fighting the pandemic,” Guoyu disclosed.

He said China was first to bring Covid-19 under control and resume work and production.

Guoyu added that Chinese Embassy would continue to work hard to promote the development of China-Malawi relations.

Deputy Minister of Health, Chrissie Kanyasho said this period of Covid-19 has proved that the relationship and friendship between the two Governments of Peoples Republic of China and Malawi are getting stronger by day.

She said Chinese government has tirelessly stretched a hand of support to Malawi in order to fight the pandemic.

“In fact, the first tests and personal protective equipments (PPEs) such as face masks came from China in April 2020,” Kanyasho recalled.

She observed that there was strong evidence that the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic was effective with robust testing capacity.

The Deputy Minister added that the effectiveness of the main intervention of contact tracing, testing, isolating and or treating is wholly dependent on the availability of suitable testing capacity.

She said the biggest challenge in this fight now for Malawi happens to be shortage of test kits and the problem has been compounded by the current shortages of various PCR test used in the country on the global market.

Kanyasho said Malawi was grateful to the Peoples Republic of China for this donation of tests as it implies that diagnosis is possible and also those who need to travel abroad will get the tests done and certified.

The Deputy Minister promised that the Ministry of Health would ensure that the tests handed over are put to good use. 

She said in total the donation comprises 20,000 test kits and would be distributed to all hospitals with equipment to run tests with this type of kits.

She appealed to health workers who are doing their best to serve Malawians that the test must be rationally used so that as many Malawians as possible benefit.

She said public should continue to adhering to Civid-19 messages such as observing social distancing, wash hands with soap, wearing  masks whenever in the presence of other people and staying safe.

As of Friday September 25, 2020, Malawi had confirmed 5,747 cases, 179 deaths and conducted 51,773 tests.

Three batches of medical supplies include N95 masks. Protective suits, thermometers, gloves, shoe covers, non-invasive ventilators and testing kits.

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