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Chiefs Urged To Uphold Culture

By Mary Makhiringa

Balaka, November 6, Mana: Deputy Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Halima Daudi Thursday urged all chiefs in the country to be custodians of culture.

She said chiefs should always strive to be on top of their culture, teach their subjects on the same, if cultural values are to be maintained and conserved in Malawi.

The Deputy Minister said this in Balaka at Njerenje School Ground during the installation of Sub Traditional Authority (STA) Phimbi and elevation of Group Village Headman Mgomwa to STA.

Daudi said, “Let me, urge all the chiefs to strive to uphold culture in their respective areas. Rather than participating in politics as we all saw in the past, let politicians do politics and chiefs work hand in hand with the current president in developing the country.”

She asked the chiefs to be on the look for perpetrators of rape and defilement as these cases are on the rise in the country.

“It is so sad to note that our innocent children are being defiled and raped by men. Let me urge all chiefs never to shield perpetrators but punish then accordingly so that we deter would be offenders,” Daudi said.

According to her, Chiefs need to change their mindset of selling available land to foreigners saying this would negatively affect our children as they will have no land when they grow up.

Senior Chief Sawali hailed President Chakwera through the Deputy Minister for elevating and installing the two chiefs in Balaka, saying this had demonstrated that Malawi is indeed for all.

He asked Government to consider finishing two houses of chiefs in Balaka which were started during the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) era.

“Let me, ask government to consider finishing the two houses that were left unfinished by DPP for the chiefs, so that the chiefs have better housing,” Sawali said.

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