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“Cecilia Magaleta proof that Makeup is the source of Many careers, Many talents and a ton of fame”

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By Philes Davis

“I  remember few years ago when a little niece of mine told my parents that she wanted to be a beauty artist, you would have seen the anger in them ‘Oooh gosh are you insane all your friends are surgeons  and career people you’re here trying to be a beauty making toy. ‘ 

Little did they know people are able to fend for themselves even with their degrees in their houses  they still opt to be independent  and utilise their skills for survival. “

This is the case of a make up Artists  Miss  Cecilia   who utilizes her skills for survival. 

Who  said at 23 you Can’t be what you want to be, let me introduce  you  to a 23 year old beauty make up artist  Cecilia Magaleta. Born in a family of 4, a graduate from Luanar university of Malawi. Despite being a graduate she opted to use her skills to fend for herself. And she has been successful from the time  since she  verged into her personal skill as a career.  She is top of  the country for her good work. 

Cecilia Magaleta

When a lot of people are spending their weekends on drinking or partying Cecilia spend most of her time on her career as a makeup artist. She is mostly busy during the weekends unlike weekdays. This lady specializes in a lot of things like make up for both male and females. She also does nails. She believes she is the next big thing.  

Some people misuses social media but that’s a different case for our beauty queen, her career keeps Booming each passing day. Social media is one of her major advert source, she is famous on social media with the pictures she shares.  

Some will say maybe this beauty queen has limited make up facial beat, but no ways she is a versatile  lady as she can handle anything,  she does a lot  heavy makeup ( normally loved for Photoshop , evening events), moderate  makeup usually for brides  and lastly nude makeup, the type of makeup that brings a natural look out of you.  And her customers needs are her number one priority. She always wants them to be happy with what she does so she takes her time. 

Apart from make up some people come wanting more than just make up, so she also does  specializes in different types of  nails, Gel Polish , acrylic nails ,temperature gel nails , regular nails polish. 

Who ever came up with the phrase that says “experience is the best teacher”  knew what they meant.  Over the years Cecilia has grown from better to Best,  she has  been in this makeup business for four years now. The way she  used to do her  work back then and now it’s far much different, now she is more advanced and good at what she does she believes in few years time she will be the big deal in town. 


If you think being a make up Artists  is not a big thing search Cecilia and learn from what she is able to do with her career as a beauty queen. within 4 years of her  makeup business a lot has changed she is  able to pay bills that  she could not manage back then, she is now her own boss and in the next 5 years she is  seeing herself  opening  a big cosmetic shop  where wedding accessories will be found  and despite that  she wants to be the first woman to own a make up school in this country. And she believes in her capabilities.

“I am my own role model, l always use this in my head that if not for me who is going to do it , l always put God in everything that l should be a better version of myself in business” Cecilia attested. 

The quote that keeps this queen going is   “Trust the lord with all your heart and learn not on your own understanding  proverbs 3 vs 5,”  she chases passion not fame cause make up is her passion. 

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