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Catholics Advised To Be Bible Readers

By Ireen Mseteka

Mzuzu, October 5, Mana: National Coordinator for Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM), Fr Henry Chinkanda has called upon Catholic faithfuls across the country to be readers of the Bible for them to enhance the knowledge and understanding of the word of God.

The Call was made Sunday at St Peters Cathedral in Mzuzu during the commemoration ceremony of St Jerome, the translator of the original Hebrew Bible and Greek Bible into Latin which was held.

He said Catholic Christians could fully understand and appreciate the teachings of the Bible and Sacramental teachings if they read the Bible.

“It is becoming a great concern as most of us have lost the interest in reading the Bible, we need to rejuvenate our cultural of reading the word of Good so that we strengthen our spiritual lives,” Fr Chinkanda pointed out.

He said Christians should understand and always be aware that they are in the Lord’s Vineyard as hence the need for them to nourish their spiritual lives with the words of God found in the Bible.

The National Coordinator added that reading the word of God helps Christians to fully understand the scriptures which can guide their actions and above all the Bible transformative.

He said the word of God is a source of life as it comforts its comforts people when they are grieved.  

“The Catholic Church has always been advocating to people to be reading the Bible because the word of God comforts one is in sorrow.

When you read the word of God, it comforts, consoles, it gives encouragement when in trouble, The Bible says come to me all who are burden and I will give you rest,” Fr Chinkanda added.

He said the purpose for St Jerome to translate the Bible into Latin was to ensure that the Bible is understood by read by all.

Bishop, John Lyan of Mzuzu Diocese of the Catholic Church advised Christians to have the word of God in their hearts and share it with others for many people to know and praise God.

St Jerome the Translator is commemorated on September 30 every year and this years’ theme ‘The word of God is a light to my feet’.

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