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Human society

A brief history of plastic

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By TedEd Trace the history of the invention of plastic, and how the material ushered in what became known as the plastics century. For centuries, billiard balls were made of ivory from elephant tusks. But when excessive hunting caused elephant populations to decline, they began… Read More »A brief history of plastic

The fish that walk on land

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By TedEd Explore the challenges facing amphibious fish when they leave water and the ingenious ways they survive on land. We think of fish as completely aquatic animals. But there are actually hundreds of fish species that are amphibious, meaning that they possess adaptations that… Read More »The fish that walk on land

The power of misinformation

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By TedEd How does a fact become a misconception? Dig into the world of misinformation to see how facts can become distorted and misleading. In 1901, David Hänig published research that led to what we know today as the taste map: an illustration that divides… Read More »The power of misinformation

What makes life worth living?

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By TedEd Puzzle through a classic ethical dilemma and decide: can human existence be meaningful without its creativity and culture? Life on your planet depends entirely on Nuronium for normal cognition. Unfortunately, its source has been compromised and you are now at risk of extinction.… Read More »What makes life worth living?

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