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Enter the Grace Zone

By Minister Collin Chingota There is a season in life when you feel like you are swimming your way out of a dangerous ocean. And there is a season you feel like the heavens are the ones carrying you from one blessing to another. I… Read More »Enter the Grace Zone

How friendship affects your brain

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By TedEd Dig into what happens to your brain during adolescence that changes how you value, understand, and connect to friends. If it seems like friendships formed in adolescence are particularly special, that’s because they are. Childhood, adolescent, and adult friendships all manifest differently in… Read More »How friendship affects your brain

How to be a good listener

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By TedEd It’s easy to tell when someone’s not paying attention, but it can be surprisingly tricky to know what good listening looks like. Good listening is one of the most important things we can do to improve our relationships, develop our worldview, and potentially… Read More »How to be a good listener

Feed Up Your Faith

By Minister Collin Chingota Faith is like our body muscles. It requires exercises and food in order to be effective and strong. You see, faith is what makes us worshipers, it is the distinguishing factor. Therefore, if we are to be more effective worshipers, our… Read More »Feed Up Your Faith

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