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Overflowing Joy

By Minister Collins Chingota The life of a worshiper does not promise to be always rosy. There will be seasons to be happy about, and seasons not to be so happy about. However, there is one thing that should never leave our hearts; the joy… Read More »Overflowing Joy

Overflowing Gratitude

By Minister Collins Chingota There are three words that should never depart from our mouths: Thank you Lord. Giving thanks to God is supposed to be our natural habit just like breathing is. A life overflowing with gratitude is the most beautiful life you can… Read More »Overflowing Gratitude

The Price for God

By Minister Collins Chingota If God were a product you buy in a supermarket, how much would he cost you? We may have never asked ourselves that question, it may even sound blasphemous to do so. But you know what? we do ask ourselves that… Read More »The Price for God