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Sing a New Song

By Minister Collin Chingota Ever been in a worship session that was boring? No, its not a sin, you can admit it. Worship can be boring. Not because the God whom we are worshiping is boring, but there is something in our offering that is… Read More »Sing a New Song

 Managing Success

By Minister Collin Chingota Doubtless, success is sweet. Nothing can beat the euphoria of seeing people being blessed, enjoying the service that you offer to them. However, success can be poisonous if not well managed. Over the years I have seen that the downfall of… Read More » Managing Success

Christian WhatsApp group holds AGM, calls for intensified use of social media

By Solister Mogha Zomba, Mana: Christian Edutainment, a WhatsApp religious grouping has called on churches in the country to utilize social media in preaching and spreading the Gospel of the Jesus Christ. Founder and Administrator for the group ,  Henry Macheso made the appeal  Friday… Read More »Christian WhatsApp group holds AGM, calls for intensified use of social media

Joyful Giving

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By Minister Collin Chingota As great as generosity is, it is surprisingly easily said than done. Some people seem to be gifted in giving, while others sweat just to release a penny in the offering basket. For every worshiper, giving is supposed to be as… Read More »Joyful Giving

Honour God, Dream Big

By Minister Collin Chingota Everything that we do, including honouring God begins in the mind. Therefore, we can honour God through our dreams and aspirations. You see, we all have dreams. Some dreams are small and uninspiring. Other dreams are big and scary. David was… Read More »Honour God, Dream Big

Find Rest in God

By Minister Collin Chingota Life can be full of hurdles and trials. It can be a struggle of ever trying to have peace of mind. But is this the life that God desires of his children? I don’t think so. There is rest for the… Read More »Find Rest in God

Pictures Inspire Praise

By Minister Collin Chingota Just like cars require fuel to run, so do we need pictures to praise God. There are moments when praise does not make an optional sense. Imagine the moment when the Israelites were about to cross through the heavy walls of… Read More »Pictures Inspire Praise