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Candidates In By-Elections Urged To Tread Carefully

By Steve Chirombo

Chikwawa, September 14, Mana: Acting Chief Makhuwira of Chikwawa district has asked candidates in the by-elections for Makhuwira South Ward to conduct their campaign in a way that will benefit everyone in the area.

Makhuwira made the remarks on Monday following the launch of the by-elections last week in his area.

He said there was need for all candidates vying for the position to ensure they maintained peace as only one candidate will make it through.

“Councilor Mannick Gannet was a good leader. Before his demise we witnessed a number of developments and we need a person of that caliber, someone who is development conscious,” he stated.

The chief further said his area needs other additional development initiatives such as boreholes, schools as well as continuation of Thabwa-Livunzu road.

“So, we want every candidate taking part to exercise caution as well as maintain peace because it will be the people choosing who they want,” he added

On his part, Kondwani Chiutsi, Deputy Campaign Manager for Chikwawa district under the Democratic Progress Party(DPP) said his party was geared to take over against any opposing side.

“This is our constituency and we will again take it over,” stated Chiutsi

During the launch, MEC Commissioner, Linda Kunje, emphasized on the need to maintain peace and order among candidates.

She said voting will take place on November 10, 2020 before registration and verification processes which begin on September 14 and that the commission was ready to provide an improved electoral process.

Kunje further advised everyone to continue following Coronavirus preventive measures during the electoral process.

“The commission has put in place measures to ensure that in all places where the electoral process is taking place, Covid-19 preventive measures are adhered to. It is our plea that in all these places measures such social distancing, hygiene facilities are readily available and we will ensure that people do not exceed 100.

“The same applies to all political parties and other stakeholders to ensure that this is taken care of,” she emphasized.

Makhuwira South Ward by-elections come following the death of late Councilor Mannick Gannet who was accidentally shot by a police officer in August.

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