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Bunya new head coach for Dedza Dynamos

By Petro Mkandawire

Dedza Dynamos on Thursday signed Andrew Bunya on a two-year contract as their head coach after the panel assessment and conviction that the new head coach will deliver better in the 2024 football season.

Speaking with Malawi News Agency (MANA), Technical Director, Massa Kalamula said the panel considered several factors saying Bunya’s performance at Extreme FC before being relegated was brilliant believing that his vast experience will make things better at Dedza Dynamos knowing the culture of the team.

“We have given him a target that the team should be on four position in the TNM Super League in this football season. We have to reach one or two finals in the cups and I believe that with our support Bunya will deliver,” said Kalamula.

He, therefore, appealed to Dedza Dynamos fans to respect the decision by the panel in hiring Bunya and to disregard his performance at Extreme FC in the 2023 football season.

Bunya signs in two years contract with the Dedza outfit. Pic, Courtesy of Dedza Dynamos

Bunya, 44, has replaced Gilbert Chirwa whose contract expired in the December 2023 league.

Bunya is also a holder of a CAF B coaching license and a founder of Dedza Youth under the Dedza District Youth Football Committee.

In a separate interview, Andrew Bunya thanked Dedza Dynamos for considering him to be part and parcel of the team saying this is a big challenge.

He still believes that, as head coach, he will fight to satisfy the desire of the team to go beyond achieving what the team did not manage during 2023 season.

“I don’t take this opportunity for granted. I believe that I will fight beyond for the team to reach the finals since it has higher potential. I believe that the team is not going to change because of me but it’s a matter of maintaining the team with good new ideas,” Said Bunya.

Having witnessed the establishment and growth of Dedza Dynamos each passing day, the new head coach said he knows the high standards the team demands.

Dedza Dynamos will be playing in its third season in the elite league after being promoted in 2021 from premier division three years after playing in its first competitive matches.

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