Britain’s Prince Harry to Open a Hospital in Africa; Meets Malawi President Mutharika

The Duke of Sussex Prince Harry who in September last year promised to open a Hospital in Africa on Monday met Malawi President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika in London, United Kingdom.

The two leaders met during the UK-Africa Investment Summit currently underway in United Kingdom.

The Malawian leader Professor Mutharika is among few African leaders invited to attend the summit which has brought together 21 African countries.

Soon after UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson officially inaugurated the UK-Africa Summit, the Malawian leader Professor Mutharika invited Prince Harry for one on one meeting.

According to Malawi Government Online, the Prince Harry and President Mutharika shared mutual interest in education, empowerment of youth and wildlife conservation.

In his royal visit to Africa in September last year, Prince Harry promised to open a Hospital in the continent to be named after his Mother.

However, It is not clear not clear on weather President Mutharika discussed with Prince to have the Hospital in Malawi.