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Blessed Generation Releases ‘Chimwemwe’ Album

By Blessings Kapina

Lilongwe, September 25, Mana: A Blantyre-based Gospel Music Group, popularly known as The Blessed Generation (TBG) has released a new album titled ‘Chimwemwe’

The Album currently enjoying airplay in various radio stations across the country was meant to express joy and celebrate after getting what was prayed for answered in Jesus Christ.

Speaking with Malawi News Agency (MANA) in Lilongwe on Friday, the musician in the group, Precious Loti said that after the last release in 2017, 3 years of planning was enough for them to bring to the fans a new album hence Chimwemwe.

“The project which has 12 songs is a continuation and fulfillment of the message in the first album released in 2017.

‘’The first album had song like Ambuye amaona, yesu ndiye wamoyo and chitsime, all the songs were  telling people to have hope in Jesus for He answers prayers and delivers His people from troubles,” he said.

Loti said that, the recent album was about joy and celebrating God’s victory after getting all the answered prayers.

He said that, it was very vital for people to thank God and delight when their needs are met in Christ

In the Chimwemwe album there are songs of hope and comfort, for instance, Akungoyang’anira which the musician said it was a comforting song telling people that God is listening to their prayers and they should believe one day He will answer them.

The Singer added that in the project people are reminded to always remain faithful when they have received the blessings from God.

He said that, one if their heartbroken they should seek for the Lord’s intervention in prayer and they will surely be assisted.

Commenting, Brenda Jere said that, the project was well balanced and has no specific target audience because it has mixed different music genres to catch people of all ages and gender.

“The album has been produced by different producers who were assembled to do what they know best according to the target audiences  we needed to catch  hence,’’ she continued.

The Album produced by OBK, Steve Meleka, CIA, Gaffar Sungani and Shiny Beats Record is available at Jordan Music Centre in Blantyre.

For purchasing people should contact on the TNM number 0888950704

Some of the songs in the album are, Chimwemwe. Usaiwale, dzionetsereni and  Yankhulani among others.

The album is not yet launched due to Covid-19 pandemic in the country

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