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Blantyre Water Board Rectifies Water Crisis

By Glory Msowoya

Blantyre, October 12, Mana: People in Blantyre can now breathe a sigh of relief as Blantyre Water Board (BWB) has finally rectified water woes in the customers’ areas.

This comes against the backdrop of BWB management meeting with the country’s Vice-President, Dr Saulosi Chilima who gave the board 30 days from September 3 to work out on erratic water supply in the commercial city.

But in the wake of mounting pressure for BWB to improve water supply, management is said to have put in place a wide range of mechanisms to end the crisis.

Speaking to Malawi News Agency (MANA) on Monday, BWB’s Senior Public Relations Officer, Evelyn Khonje, said the overall outlook of water supply in Blantyre portrays an improved situation.

“During the past 30 days between 3rd September, 2020 and 2nd October, 2020, there has been a remarkable improvement of water supply in most locations within the water board’s supply area.

“The measures that are being undertaken to ensure regular water supply to customers have effectively improved the water situation,” Khonje said.

However, she was quick to mention that pipe burst was the main challenge that resulted in some residences to have dry taps.

“There have, however, been incidences of pipe bursts which caused some areas to have no water, but these were dealt with as they occurred,” she said.

With handy deadline to improve water situation in Blantyre, BWB is said to have been carrying out several activities to end the water challenges.

Among other activities, the water board has been working on pipelines, air lock prevention and identification of critical areas that do not receive water or experience low water pressure.

According to a Facebook post by Dr Chilima, it was agreed with BWB Management to end the water crisis in the commercial city by October 2, 2020.

“We have resolved and greed that erratic water supply in Blantyre should be a thing of the past effective 2nd October, 2020. 

“This means that we have given management 30 days to fix the problem. The board has committed to implement this,” he said.

Dr Chilima continues talking to government institutions as one way of making public service reforms effective. The reforms are aimed at improving delivery of public service duties.

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