Becoming a Worshiper

By Worship Minister Collin Chingota

In my previous article which you can read here:  I spoke about the true meaning of worship. Briefly I said, worship is our response to how we value God. As believers it is expected of us to value God more than anything else, loving Him with all our heart, mind and strength. This is the essence of worship!

Minister Collin Chingota

So, who is a worshiper? A worshiper is someone who treasures God above everything else in their lives. Notice that the definition of worship and worshiper has nothing to with music. There is a misunderstanding among many that a worshiper is someone who sings worship songs in church. Yes, they may do that since its one way of expressing our worship to God, but its not the only way. In fact, one can sing worship songs, yet God is not at the centre of their hearts. To be a worshiper is to be completely devoted to God to a point where you value Him and you are committed to every word He says.

How do you become a worshiper then? Simple. Why is a bus valued at a higher price than a bicycle? It is because we know what the bus can do, that it has greater capabilities than a bicycle. If we did not know, we would not have valued it that much, we would not even dare buy it if we had the money to. So, knowledge is key. So, what makes one a worshiper is the knowledge that they have of God.

Take a look at biblical examples of worshipers; Abraham, Moses, David, Daniel, Paul the apostle and others. These people were really devoted to God. But one thing is common among them. They had encounters with God, they knew God Moses encountered God in the burning bush. Paul encountered God on the road to Damascus. These encounters set them up for a continued revelation of God, no wonder their lives were extremely devoted to God. Worship!

May we all desire to know God by seeking Him with all our hearts and developing a closer walk with Him. For it is only when we know Him that our worship of Him will be in truth and in spirit, acceptable before Him.