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Be Innovative – Minister Challenges Teachers

By Kondwani Magombo

Mangochi, November 5, Mana: Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Agnes Nyalonje, has challenged teachers in the country to be innovative and explore ideas aimed at promoting the sector.

The minister made the call in Mangochi during a two-day visit to selected secondary schools on Monday and Tuesday to appreciate the administration of Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) examinations (before being cancelled) and whether COVID-19 preventive measures were being adhered to.

The minister visited eight learning institutions where, at every institution, she briefly inspected the examinations in progress before engaging teachers in their staffroom on various issues regarding their day-to-day work.

She said the government believes that to develop as a country, people need to change and that the education sector can develop if the teachers can embrace change too.

“I can’t see how we can transform without being transformative, ourselves: think and develop ideas, and let’s discuss the ideas and let them grow,” said Nyalonje.

She added: “Think and think hard together; work and work hard together; and innovate together, because sometimes we fail because we don’t think together.”

The minister assured the teachers that government was aware of the challenges teachers in the country face, adding that the leadership would embark on implementation of a number of reforms to improve their welfare and working environment.

“I want us to run with quality and this can only be achieved if the teachers are motivated.

“Motivated teachers are ones with good and well equipped schools, good accommodation and good salaries among other things,” she said.

She further said government is going to introduce essential minimum infrastructure package for schools to ensure that everything that a school requires is in place and that resources are sent where they are needed most.

The schools the minister visited are Sangazi CDSS, Lisumbwi Secondary School, Ntonda CDSS, Masuku CDSS, Namwera CDSS, Majuni Secondary School, St. Monica Secondary School and Mangochi Secondary School. Nyalonje was accompanied by Director of Secondary & Distance Education, Ruth Samati Kambali and officials from South-Eastern Education Division Office

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