Dr Charles Leyman Kachitsa is an entrepreneur, academician and community leader. He is a director of several companies and own shares in a number of them. His research area is management motivation and transferability of skills. Dr Kachitsa is a motivational speaker and apart from lecturing, he engages in giving talk at various public events.

Worshiping Self?

By Minister Collins Chingota Last week I shared on the danger of worshiping worship. Today I will look at the danger of worshiping self. Unknowingly, we find ourselves worshiping ourselves than worshipping God himself. 1 Corinthians 1:31: Therefore, as it is written: “Let him who… Read More »Worshiping Self?

Worshipping Worship?

By Minister Collins Chingota There is a rise in worship events across the nations of late. Is it a good sign? I hope it is. As a worship minister, it has always been my desire to see as many as everyone worship the Lord in… Read More »Worshipping Worship?

Worship vs Entertainment

By Minister Collins Chingota There was a time when I had just given my life to Christ as a teenager, that I regarded all manner of entertainment as sin. A worshiper, to me, was not supposed to watch movies, watch football and be engaged in all manner… Read More »Worship vs Entertainment

Worship vs Money

By Minister Collins Chingota We all wish to worship God alone. But you see, anything in the world can become an object of our worship, if we give them first place in our lives Two things that we need to pay attention to when it… Read More »Worship vs Money

Total dependence on God

By Minister Collins Chingota When you are in dire need and the storms of life have surrounded you, where do you go first for help? When you feel down and demotivated, where do you go first to get your spirit uplifted? The answer to these… Read More »Total dependence on God